Guide to art districts in Denver

Considering Denver as your new home city? If you are an artist you probably want to move to one of the art districts in Denver. But firstly, you need to know what neighborhoods are great for you as an artist and what are your options. Luckily, you don’t have to worry because Denver has a lot to offer.

What to know before moving to Denver?

If you have never been to Denver, you should meet this city in Colorado. Explore it and see what it has to offer and what is a lifestyle there. Even if you need to organize a last-minute relocation in Denver, spend a little time researching it. Some of the things to know before you move to Denver, Colorado are:

  • You will experience all four seasons in Denver and the weather is amazing. This city has about 300 sunny days a year, but if you want to ski during winter, just visit one fo the mountains that are near.
  • Rent is going up. It is still affordable (the median rent is $1,100), but the price will be higher in the future. If you need to save money on relocation, get a free moving estimate and calculate the costs in advance.
  • Costs of living are also getting high because of the growing job market and better economy. But, utilities and groceries are below the national average, housing costs are making the average costs of living higher than the national average.
  • The job market is booming and that is one of the main reasons for moving to Denver. Settling down in Denver with ease and working as an artist here is possible.
  • After moving to one of the art districts in Denver, you will have a lot of options for outdoor activities. This can be your inspiration for making art.
  • The public transportation system is growing and it is getting better.
  • Beer is a big deal here, almost everyone loves to drink beer and the food is often underrated.
One of the art districts in Denver.
Explore Denver, it has everything for everyone

The list of art districts in Denver

Now, the question is, where to move and what neighborhoods in Denver are the best for artists and why? One thing is certain, you will have a lot of options when moving to an artsy neighborhood.

A gallery in Denver.
Denver has a lot of art districts so you will definitely enjoy

Art District on Santa Fe

It is the hub of the Denver art scene with many galleries and art studios and it is located in the La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood. This part has the most galleries in Colorado, not only in Denver. Every first Friday of the month visit First Friday Art Walks.

Golden Triangle Creative District

It has 8 museums, one of them is the Denver Art Museum and the Clyfford Still Museum and about 15 galleries you can visit. The last Friday of every month (from June to September) is special because of an art walk, similar to the first Fridays of the month.

River North Art District

Also known as RiNo, it is located north of downtown. It is a hotspot for all types of art, from architects, art galleries to furniture makers and painters. River North is famous for vibrant street art and you can bike around the district. If you are looking for fun art districts in Denver, this is definitely a place for you.

Tennyson Street Cultural District

Located west of downtown, it offers many art galleries and the number is growing. You can find here photographs and paintings from local artists and enjoy live music and Mexican and Italian delicious food. Besides that, it also has many restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops.

Westwood Creative District

This part of the city has Mexican-American roots. That has a big impact on art and food, of course. In the future, there will be more public art and gardens because local leaders are working on that. When September comes, this part of the city is full of people and music.

Arts 0n Belmar

Here, you will experience local art and what is also a benefit, the parking is free. Every first Friday in the month is special. Just take a short drive from the downtown (about 13 minutes) and enjoy this little piece of paradise.

South Pearl Street

The First Fridays of months from April to October are open for all artists and art lovers. It has five galleries and many shops, amazing food and live music. It has ups and downs especially downs during the ’70s and ’80s. But, today, it is a booming district.

40 West Art

It is the fastest-growing art district here in Denver and it is home to different studios and galleries. The 40 West ArtLine connects three major parks. It is definitely a lively artistic community that attracts a lot of artists.

Hiring a company for moving to Denver

To move to Denver with ease, you should hire moving experts such as Homegrown Moving Colorado. It is not easy to transport all your artwork. They require special attention, especially when it comes to packing.

In that case, you should consider professional packing services in order to properly pack and protect all your art pieces. If you know how to handle artwork and you have packing materials then you can do it by yourself. But, transportation is something that needs to be done by professionals.

Street art.
To become part of Denver and to start a new life there, book a moving company and organize your relocation


Living in one of the art districts in Denver opens a lot of opportunities. As you can see, there are many neighborhoods you can choose from. Ask other people for their experience and if you are able, visit these places in Denver. Good luck with relocating all your household items and artwork and starting a new life in Denver!

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