Is leaving Colorado and moving to Florida the right decision for you?

Moving to another state can completely change your lifestyle, and that’s why it requires some detailed consideration. Even though they are in the same country, Colorado and Florida offer various living conditions, so many people wonder if leaving one of these is a smart thing to do. Also, the fear of the unknown often stops people from taking such steps, the same way when you’re moving overseas. To make things a bit easier for you, we wanted to help you decide if leaving Colorado and moving to Florida is the right thing to do. Here’s everything you should know about such a move so you can be sure if you’re making a good decision.

Before you decide if leaving Colorado and moving to Florida is the right decision for you…

…try to be realistic. This decision is solely up to you, so you should consider all the other factors before making it. Also, you should know there is no perfect place. When looking for a place like this – you need to find the one that is not perfect by any general standards, but the one that suits your family the most. Try to set some goals and decide what are the deal-breakers when you choose the place to live. This way, you will be sure that if a location fits your family’s needs – then it is really a home sweet home.

Why Florida should be your next home

Maybe you feel at home in Colorado, but let’s see why Florida is so popular among people looking for a new home.

Bird -view of a beach in Florida.
The first thing you think of when leaving Colorado and moving to Florida are pristine, sunny beaches.

The beaches

Something you don’t have in Colorado is amazing, sandy beaches. Some of them even got rewards – and there’s a good reason for it. Everything is nicer and easier when you have a sunny beach to go to early in the morning or watch amazing sunsets reflecting on the ocean.


Another reason why so many people choose to live in Florida is taxes. Compared to Colorado’s income tax of 4.6%, Florida is much more attractive with no state income tax. This results in Florida’s residents enjoying their free time more since they can save more money and spend it on outdoor activities and vacations. Apart from the state income tax, Florida is considered to be one of the affordable states – if you avoid the most popular areas of Miami and similar cities. That’s why Fort Lauderdale is popular among newcomers – a smaller place close to Miami may be just what you’re looking for.

A view of Fort Lauderdale in FLorida
Choose a city according to your needs – Fort Lauderdale can be a good option when leaving Colorado and moving to Florida,

The weather

Another important factor that attracts people from all over the country is the amazing Florida weather. Warm, sunny days all year long affects people’s mood, the general atmosphere in cities, and gives numerous possibilities for outdoor activities. Also, as locals often get discounts for many of Florida’s attractions, it becomes an even more popular place to live.

Florida Beach
Imagine having sunny days all year long – for that reason Florida is very popular among new residents.

It’s diverse

As we mentioned, Florida attracts people from all over the country, but also the international residents. This results in this state being diverse in culture, food scene, entertainment options, sport, etc. The cultural diversity gives Florida’s cities a very unique vibe you will definitely enjoy.

Ready for leaving Colorado and moving to Florida? Start making plans!

If you’ve chosen Florida as your next home – congrats! It’s definitely the right decision. Now, it’s time for a more challenging part – preparing for the move. But, don’t start panicking – moving to Florida doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some tips on how to relocate to the Sunny State without any problem.

Choose the right city for your family

When choosing the place to relocate, you can start with the list of best places to live in Florida. However, even though a city can be amazing – it might not be right for you. However, you should know that moving locally is very simple, so if you decide to move again, that won’t be a problem.

Time is the key

Even though moving in short-notice is possible, we don’t recommend it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Making a solid plan weeks/months before the moving date is a much safer and easier option. Be sure to start making plans as soon as you decide to move since there are many details to think about. From leaving the old home, and renting or buying your new Florida home, to packing, choosing the right movers, etc. We advise you to visualize your moving process by creating a moving timeline – a checklist of items that need to be done before you set your foot in one of Florida’s cities.

Florida is not expensive, but relocation can be

It’s a great relief when you know you will save more money by living in Florida. But you shouldn’t be too relaxed when it comes to interstate moving. Relocating to another state can get pretty costly if you’re not careful enough. That’s why you need to consider your moving budget and don’t spend more than it’s necessary. Make sure you hire reliable, licensed movers like so you are sure their estimate is clear and surprise-free. Avoid being tricked by a fraudulent moving company and end up paying a lot more than you previously planned. And finally – reducing your moving costs is sometimes necessary. You can do that in a couple of ways – getting free packing supplies, decluttering your home from unnecessary items, and asking your friends to help you out. All of these combined will definitely make your Florida move much more affordable.

Adventure awaits!

Sometimes, overthinking about leaving Colorado and moving to Florida can only stop you from an amazing life adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving alone for a job, retiring or moving with a family – a new environment can really change your life for better. Have a safe move!

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