Guide to moving from Florida to Colorado

Due to the warm weather, wonderful beaches, and plenty of summertime activities, Florida is one of the favorite destinations for many people. On the other side, Colorado offers the opportunity to explore completely different scenery, in close touch with mountains, with the opposite climate condition. Many people choose to experience a more continental way of life and discover amazing adventurous surroundings. Whether you are looking for a different climate or some other job opportunities, you are not alone. Many people decide that moving from Florida to Colorado is the next step in their lifelong journey, and they do it for plenty of reasons.

How to prepare for moving from Florida to Colorado?

Once you set your priorities and reason for such change, you have to summarize your options. Often times, young people are looking for a good higher education while collecting different experiences. Fresh graduates are searching for great job opportunities, which in Colorado are many. And families with kids are seeking for more discrete places, away from all those tourists and attractions. Everyone has their own reasons, and Colorado is doing a great job to fulfill those needs. Planning such relocation can be a challenge because Florida and Colorado are quite different. Dealing with clothing and packing, in general, will be your major concern. You need to get all the necessities for packing and decide how to make a transition from short sleeves and t-shirts to jackets. The temperature change may come as a surprise, but with a good plan, you will adjust soon enough.

A small kid enjoying the winter sun.
If she can adjust to a sunny winter, so can you.

Things to consider when moving from Florida to Colorado

Colorado has plenty of amazing advantages with a plethora of places that are wonderful for working, living, and growing a family. As long as you are able to properly handle the logistic of a long-distance move, you are on the right track. With such a long journey, getting all the necessary help is not a suggestion. Unless you are completely equipped to move from Florida to Colorado, professional movers are your best choice. Local moving companies like Vision Movers FL will assist you by making sure every step of your journey is less time and energy-consuming. While moving across the states can be costly, it’s nothing compared to the costs in case something goes wrong.

But, before you decide about the way you want to move, you should get more familiar with Colorado. The best way to get to know it better is to read about some of its most prevailing characteristics like:

  • The climate in Colorado
  • Colorado economy
  • Outstanding natural scenery
  • Various outdoor activities
  • The plethora of interesting places in Colorado

The climate in Colorado

We can assume that some people in Florida imagine snow-shoveling as one of the main sports activities in Colorado. While it’s not immensely far from the truth, it sounds worse than it actually is. Of course, you can expect it to snow a few times a year, but it’s nowhere near extremes. Seriously, because the climate is dry it’ll often feel much warmer than it is. On the contrary to some humid places, it’ll take you a lot longer to get cold. Generally, even the biggest snowstorms don’t last long. With almost 300 days of sunshine yearly, don’t even think you’ll spend much time indoors. Just arm yourself with good boots, jacket, and other clothes and you are ready to move to Colorado even in the middle of winter. With all four seasons enveloping most of the places in Colorado, you will have plenty of good time throughout the year.

Natural scenery in Colorado showing all four seasons in one place.
All four seasons in a single place in Colorado, it’s stunning.

Colorado economy

As you may already know, the cost of living in Colorado is higher than in Florida. However, that’s perfectly balanced out with high income. Even though the housing options in some areas can climb up pretty high, people still find them worth considering other benefits. As one of the fastest-growing and developing states, Colorado can offer a variety of quality jobs to its residents. If you really need to single out a few main industries, healthcare, education, tech, and mining might be leading, but it doesn’t mean others are falling behind. Add the wellness spirit that is spread throughout the entire country and you can really enjoy living and working in Colorado. Just find a reliable moving company to help you out, and you are entirely good to go.

Outstanding natural scenery

Without false modesty, Colorado is the state with some of the most beautiful natural surroundings. If you are looking for a perfect place to completely unleash your inner “call of the wild”, you will find no better place. With grandiose mountain views, wonderful and calming lakes, and dense but accessible forests, it’s almost like from fairy tales.

Various outdoor activities

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to find out that you can spend hours, days, weeks, and months exploring the area. No matter how often you go to enjoy nature, you will never lack new options for exploration. As someone coming from Florida, be ready to be inspired to spend more time in nature. From world-class ski resorts to simple hiking and roaming through the land, it’s a completely genuine experience. If you like numbers, 10 national parks, 42 state parks, 26 top-notch ski resorts, and an endless number of trails and pathways are just a part of it.

Two people kayaking in Colorado in summer.
It’s not everything about winter, Colorado offers plenty of summertime activities.

The plethora of interesting places you can discover before moving from Florida to Colorado

We don’t even have to mention Denver, as it’s already wearing the title of “the best place to live in America”. Considering its one of the most advanced places you already know what to expect. A plethora of options and a full set of quality services at every corner. The Mile High City where urban development meets outdoor scenery. But, besides Denver, as someone coming from Florida, you might be interested in other wonderful places that make Colorado great:

  • Boulder – known for high ranking schools, is a great place for families with kids. Longmont, Eerie, Superior and Broomfield can be more affordable alternatives near Boulder.
  • Frisco and Brackenridge – diverse and populated cities with good job opportunities.
  • Various mountain towns in near proximity of Park County and Summit County – beloved for their discrete nature.
  • Alma and Fairplay – calming places with a slower pace of living.
  • Durango – for those looking for southwest influence.
  • Ft. Morgan and Sterling – with unique surroundings where you can still feel the spirit of western rural America.
  • Colorado Springs – famous for “big-city” amenities, economy, and development yet still full of greenery.

No matter what kind of place you are looking for, there is a great chance you’ll be able to find it here. With so many choices before you, so many opportunities to explore, moving from Florida to Colorado will be a wonderful transition. Remember, you will experience some significant changes, but they are absolutely worth it.

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