The ultimate guide to moving from LA to Denver

Heading off to live in a completely new and different environment is surely stressful. There’s a lot that you need to do in a short period of time. However, besides taking the usual advice to just accept that you’re about to go on a bumpy ride, you can also try to acknowledge some constructive tips and tricks as well. Here’s the ultimate guide to moving from LA to Denver that’ll surely make things a bit easier.

Get ready for the changes

There’s so much that will change for you once you’ve moved from LA to Denver. Experiencing homesickness aside, of course. These places are subsequently different in so many ways. If you’re not someone that gets used to change easily, think about what you can do to lift yourself up during this period. It won’t last forever, so keep that in mind. Some things to think about:

  • LA is much more urban
    Although Denver has its moments, you’ll certainly feel the difference in the lifestyle pace once you’ve moved from LA to Denver.
  • Cheaper living costs
    The great thing about moving to Denver is that living costs are 25.9% lower than in LA.
  • Less fancy places
    Something you’re maybe going to miss after moving from LA to Denver is that there aren’t nearly as many fancy places as there are in LA. However, don’t think you’ll be missing out a whole lot. Many people actually learn to like the simplicity and ease of fewer choices.
  • People are more relaxed
    Another great thing about heading off to Denver from LA is that people are much less bothered with small problems. They’re much more real if you will.
  • A lot of options
    The first thing you’ll notice when moving to Denver from LA is that Denver has to offer reasonable and safe storage. This tells you a lot about the city as well. Just as with storage, you can find a lot of different opportunities easily in this ever-growing city.
A piggy bank that you can save your money in if you decide to move from LA to Denver.
Moving from LA to Denver will surely save you some money.

Things you should know before moving to Denver from LA

Knowing about some things that define a city or make it stand out will help you realize whether you want to move from LA to Denver or if you better keep on looking.

  • Different neighborhoods
    Before moving from LA to Denver, choose which area you’ll prefer the most. A lot of neighborhoods in Denver are pretty different from one another and have different feels to them. What’s great about so many different cultures merging is that you’ll get a chance to experience all of them. From Denver’s art districts to craft beer tours, there’s a bit of something for everybody.
  • Weather
    What doesn’t differ from LA so much is the fact that the weather is mostly nice. Until it isn’t. Something you might not be used to is that it’s quite changeable. Winters can be pretty rough. This won’t affect your day to day so much. Just remember, layers!
  • The food
    If you’re a foodie, Denver is the place for you. Not to say that LA doesn’t have its jewels, of course. Although not famous for it, you’ll get to experience many different cuisines as a result of relocating from LA to Denver.
A table full of different kinds of food.
Denver has a lot of excellent places where you can try out fresh and new cuisines.

Is Denver for you?

If you’re someone that prefers outdoorsy lifestyle and real people, then moving to Denver from LA is surely for you. The great thing about Denver is that it’s really begun to grow when it comes to all the different possible places for fun activities. Work-wise, if you’re someone that’s looking for a position in the IT sector, Denver is your city for sure.

Prepare well for moving from LA to Denver

In order to avoid having to organize a last-minute relocation to Denver, it’d be best to start planning sooner rather than later. There’s a lot you can do to prepare for moving from LA to Denver.

Firstly, you’ll need to set some time aside to realize what the best solutions will be for you, time-wise. Moving takes a lot of time and energy. After that, try to realize how much money you’re willing to spend. Following the money decision, start going over certain priorities. The most important thing is to just get going. Procrastinating will only make you have to rush later.

Hire movers

For a big move such as this one from LA to Denver, you’ll probably want to use professional mover’s help. Organizing every step of your move might just be too tiring otherwise. When looking for good movers, think about your needs and your personal case. A mistake people often make is focusing on universal rules too much.

Choose wisely

Finding reliable movers is the most important thing. The first thing you’ll want to focus on is avoiding any possible moving scams. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of them since these areas are quite popular. However, that means that the options for good movers are many as well. Finding trustworthy movers such as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage will make your move from LA to Denver seem like a breeze.

Two people shaking hands after making a deal about moving from LA to Denver.
Hire trustworthy and reliable movers in order to make relocating from LA to Denver a bit easier.


Although this isn’t a small move, you might want to test the waters when it comes to moving alone. Make sure that you either have the experience yourself or that you know someone who’s encountered moving in the past. If you’re going into this unprepared, you’re sure to stumble upon many unforeseen hardships.

Have you decided to move from LA to Denver?

Whatever your decision is, regarding whether or not you’ll be moving from LA to Denver or not, it’s completely understandable. Although a great transition for some, this move cannot possibly fit for everyone. The great thing is that you can use a lot of tips from this guide for other moving experiences as well.

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