Moving apps that will save your sanity

Moving is confusing and complicated. However, modern technology can make your next move a lot simpler. Moving apps can reduce the stress and workload that comes with the whole process. So, here’s a list of moving apps that will save your sanity. 


If you’re searching for a new place to call home, Zillow can point you in the right direction. Zillow is a real estate app that allows users to find homes to buy, rent, sell, remodel, and more. So, if you’re moving from Saudi Arabia to Colorado, for example, consider using this app.

With Zillow, you can filter homes by listing date, price range, and home features. Also, this app contains useful tools for planning a move on a budget or connecting with realtors and property managers. Searching for a new home can be exhausting. But, Zillow makes it easy with up-to-date listings and instant notifications.

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Zillow is one of the best moving apps that will save your sanity.

Moving apps that will save your sanity –  Sortly

Preparing a move is a messy process. So, it’s essential to plan and keep organized. With Sortly, decluttering before your move will be simpler and easier. This digital organizer allows you to manage inventory efficiently and track items that you pack in the moving box. Serving as a virtual moving checklist, Sortly is a huge timesaver that assists with sorting and identifying items quickly.


You don’t have enough hands to move heavy furniture into the new home? GoShare is your solution. This moving company app connects users with a local network of delivery and moving professionals. They can help move items on demand. You can request one or two movers who own a pickup truck or cargo van depending on the size of the move. GoShare is perfect for apartment moves, furniture delivery, or junk hauling. If you require assistance to organize a last-minute relocation in Denver like a pro or just a couple of large items delivered, expect a GoShare driver at your doorstep within the hour.

Magicplan is one of the best moving apps that will save your sanity

In case you’re struggling to plan the design of your new home, Magicplan can make it easier. This app provides the ability to create, draw, and import floor plans and 3D models. First, scan rooms to create a floor plan. Then, place virtual objects to shape your design goals. Magicplan has precise measurements and 360 panoramas. So, this is one of the best moving apps for helping you build the perfect home layout.


Before you move, it’s wise to clear up space and sell the items you no longer need or want. Also, you can furnish your new home with a luxurious sectional. OfferUp is an online marketplace where you can connect with local buyers and sellers. 

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Use these moving apps when relocating.


When you settle into the new home, it can be difficult to meet people. Nextdoor is an app that can connect users with their local community. It works as a private social network where you can stay updated on everything that goes on nearby. This is a great resource for keeping up with new local businesses, participating in community fundraisers, and more.

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