How to find best resources to help you plan your move

Moving is both exciting and stressful. It is a change a lot of people dream of making but once the time comes they realize how stressful it is and how many things you have to do. It takes a lot of time to plan and organize a successful move. But planning a move is important for plenty of reasons. A detailed plan will help you stay on track when moving. And as we are professionals, we know how much moving can be chaotic. It is why people almost always forget to do something very important on time. But that is not the case when you have a moving plan. And if you want to create one yet you don’t know how, we are here to tell you where you can find the best resources to help you plan your move. You’ll be surprised how many of them exist.

Moving company blogs and social media accounts

One of the best resources to help you plan your move is moving company blogs and social media accounts. Almost every moving company has a blog dedicated to moving tips, tricks, and important information that you need to know before moving. If you are reading this, that means that you are already on a blog of a moving company and you are already reading useful information before your move. You’ll find a similar blog on the website of the Master Moving Guide. These blogs are where you will find the best moving tips as they are written by professionals who have been working in the moving company industry for a long time.

A man reading blogs on a tablet.
You are reading a helpful moving company blog post right now. Why not continue?

Some moving companies have very active social media accounts where they post moving tips and tricks every week. So, if you have social media yourself, maybe following such a moving company on Instagram and Facebook isn’t such a bad idea at all. You’ll be able to read plenty of moving tips as well as get some planning tips for your move.

Moving apps are among the best resources that can help you to plan your move

There are plenty of apps that were created in order to make your moving process easier. These moving apps will save your sanity while you are moving. Luckily, we know all about them and we are here to tell you about some of the best ones that we as professional think you should use when planning your next relocation. None of these apps will help you with finding the best possible price when moving but they will help you stay organized as much as possible. 

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These few apps will help you plan your move.


Squawkfox is an app that works as a checklist. But it is a week-by-week checklist. This makes it perfect for when you are organizing a move. This app is designed for planning a move. It reminds you when you should start packing for a move based on your moving day date. It also tells you what you should pack first and how you should pack it. This app is already programmed for moving and it has all the tasks written but if you have some more tasks on your list such as repairing some damages in your home you can add that to the list too. Install this app on your phone two months before your moving day date and you’ll have a very well-planned move. Even if you are organizing a last-minute move, having this app can be very helpful. Similar apps to this one are Good Housekeeping and Real Simple. These three apps will help you plan your move in the best possible ways.

House For Six

If you haven’t moved before, you might not know how much labeling your moving boxes is really important. And this app provides you with just that – labels. But not just regular labels. These labels all look very nice. All you have to do is get the app and print out the labels that you think work the best. This app is where you’ll also find some tips on how to use these labels the best way. We believe that being organized when moving is very important and this is one of the best ways to do so. If you don’t end up liking this app, there are two more for you to try out – Martha Stewart and Tidy Mom. Having these apps help you plan your move will make moving so much easier.

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Labeling your boxes when moving is very important.


Having a housewarming party or a goodbye party is very important to a lot of people. And an important part of these two events is invitations. Creating an invitation that you can send to everyone you want to come is much easier than calling and much better than sending just a regular text message. Canva is an app where you’ll find amazing templates that you can use to create your perfect invitation. It is very easy to use and there are plenty of pre-made designs that look very professional. The Balance and are two other great apps to try if Canva doesn’t work out for you.


Before you even figure out where you are going to be moving to, Zillow is the app to consult. Zillow is where you will find all the information about real estate in a certain state, city, or even neighborhood. This is also where you’ll find homes for rent and sale. There are plenty of useful filters on Zillow which you can use. Not to mention the fact that Zillow can help you create a moving budget. It can also connect you with realtors and property managers. This is a very useful app to have on your smartphone. Especially for those of you who are searching for apartments. Zillow is very up to date and you can turn on instant notifications for the best online listings.

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