Best Denver suburbs for families

Are you planning on moving to Denver with your entire family? That is a great decision to make as Denver really does have plenty to offer. The economy is booming, both the education and health systems are top-notch, there are plenty of green and recreational places for the whole family to enjoy, etc. What is more, the real estate market really does have something for everybody’s needs and pockets. Your only job is to make an effort to find a neighborhood that suits you and your family the most. And, we are here to help you with that. Thus, keep on reading to find out what are some of the best Denver suburbs for families.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is maybe one of the most family-friendly suburbs in the entire city of Denver. And, why? Because the children here have an opportunity to be a part of an amazing education system and go to some of the best schools in the state. And, on those days off, the children and their parents can enjoy around 25 parks, 2 skate parks, 4 dog parks, and approximately 60+ miles of open space perfect for any outdoor activity one family might imagine. The best part is, all those things will not come with a hefty price tag! The cost of living in Highlands Ranch is lower than the national average. So, consider moving to Highlands Ranch as it is one of the best Denver suburbs for families! Moving there is easy, as long as you find reliable interstate movers in Denver.

Parents walking their child in the park and discussing the best Denver suburbs for families.
Highlands Ranch is a neighborhood that will raise your children well!

Washington Park

This Denver suburb is also called Wash Park. It is also one of the best Denver suburbs for families as it offers stunning park landscapes, family vibes, and most importantly – safety. Sounds amazing right? Certainly! However, be warned as all amazing things come with amazing price tags. Yes, living here can be expensive. So, have that in mind before you start to organize your relocation in Denver. But, look on the bright side, in Wash Park, among the things mentioned before, you can enjoy golf courses, fitness courses, bowling areas, historic boathouses, botanical gardens and a lot more. Be sure that your children will have fun showing up in Washington Park.

Parent walking their child in the park.
If you were looking for some of the best Denver suburbs for families, look no further. Wash Park is the place to go.


Last but certainly not the least place on our ‘best Denver suburbs for families’ list is Littleton. An amazing place, perfect for those looking for peace and quiet. Yes, this small suburb does not have a lot of residents, so be sure that you will be welcomed by a friendly and close-knit community. However, even though this suburb is small, that does not mean that it lacks something. Quite the contrary! Here, you can find amazing schools, recreational centers, museums, parks, and almost anything one family would need. Living here is also cheap, so if you are on a budget, this little suburb of Littleton might be just right for you and your family.

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