New Jerseyan’s handbook of Colorado – how to feel like a local

Are you a New Jerseyan moving to Colorado? If you are, be sure that you are not the only one. Many people, not only from New Jersey but from all over the States have been making the same decision as you and are looking for the best resources to help them plan their move. And why? Well, because Colorado really does have a lot to offer – many job openings, a high standard of living, well-developed health care and education systems, beautiful weather, mesmerizing scenery, etc. What more could you want in a state? But, before you start packing your bags and moving boxes, it might be a good idea to learn some facts about Colorado! By doing this, you will have bigger chances of avoiding a cultural shock, and of course, you will have bigger chances of fitting in and feeling like a local. Is this something you are interested in? If you are, well keep on reading! Here is a New Jerseyan’s handbook of Colorado.

Take Your Fitness Seriously

The first thing you need to know as a New Jerseyan moving to Colorado is that people there take their health seriously. Almost everybody here is involved in some kind of sport. Some are playing football, some are playing tennis, and some are doing something third. Whatever sport or fitness activity you like, be sure that you will find same-minded friends as soon as you move in. If you, however, prefer solo activities like jogging, mountain climbing, biking, or similar, you will have plenty of opportunities for that too. Just make sure you pack all of your sports equipment before your come and relocate you. Trust us, this is something you will read in any handbook of Colorado.

A woman running
If you want to feel like a local in Colorado, do some sports!

Be Ready for All Kinds of Weather Conditions

Weather in New Jersey is pretty much well and easily predicted. However, in Colorado, not so much. A change can happen in an instant. On Monday, it may be hot as hell and you will find yourself wearing shorts and flip-flops, however, on Friday, you may be needing your winter jacket. So, the next thing you will find in any handbook of Colorado is that you must be prepared for all possible weather conditions there. Doing this is rather easy – just make sure you have clothes and shoes for all seasons and keep them placed somewhere you can easily reach them. Also, as all locals do, keep an umbrella, a T-shirt, and a warm jacket in the trunk of your car at all times.

Of course, when you decide to stay in a certain state for a longer period of time, or when you decide to move there for good, make sure you can withstand weather conditions there first. In Colorado, you will experience everything from scorching hot summers to freezing cold winters!

Learn How to Go Green

As mentioned in the beginning, people in Colorado take their health and fitness seriously! Related to that topic, people in Colorado also take the health of their Planet seriously! Here, going green is not only encouraged, but it is also a must. Thus, if you plan on relocating here and feeling like a local, better learn a thing or two about recycling.

What is more, there are certain rules about homes and vehicles. Some of their features must be ‘green’ too! For example, you must use energy-efficient lightbulbs in your home. Or, you must use a specific kind of fuel for your car. Have those things in mind especially if you plan on shipping your car. Of course, that kind of shipping can also be done efficiently, but do your research first and see whether your car will actually fit in Colorado at all.

An image of a person holding the planet
Rule number one in the handbook of Colorado – take care of the environment you live in.

Also, Learn How to Ski!

Since you are from New Jersey, you are probably not used to a lot of snow. But, as you are moving to Colorado now, snow is the thing you should learn to love, especially if you want to fit in with the locals. People here do not sit their winters out. Quite the opposite – they await them with joy and embrace everything that season has to offer. However, the thing that all people from Colorado love doing when winter comes is ski. They ski whenever possible. Well, who can blame them – they have the perfect weather for that, a lot of snow, and plentiful mountains that make for perfect ski tracks. Learning how to ski will not only make you feel like a local but also enable you to bond with other locals as well. Moreover, if you want to prepare your loved ones for this relocation too, consider signing everyone up for skiing lessons!

a man skiing - a handbook of Colorado
If you want to make friends in Colorado, learn to ski!

Be Prepared to Pay More

Colorado really is a great place to call home. However, all great things come with great price tags. Once you move here, you will soon see that the prices of pretty much everything are quite higher – utilities, bills, gas, groceries, dining out in restaurants, etc. Since you are coming from New Jersey, you will be especially shocked about the real estate prices which are extremely high here.

But, do not worry! The standard of living and all the prices are high, but so will be your salary. Salaries in Colorado are a lot higher than the national average. Thus, if you find a decent job, you will have no reasons to worry about the price tags. Hopefully, this handbook of Colorado can help you fit quicker and much easier. Good luck!

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