Seattle to Denver – how to acclimate to a higher altitude

Moving to Denver can be one of the best decisions you ever make. It is a city of booming economy and development. It is located in the Rocky Mountain range and is part of a larger skiing tourism destination. Know as the mile-high city Denver takes some getting used to especially if you are moving from the lower sea-level cities like Seattle. This altitude difference usually creates problems and requires acclimatizing. So, if you are moving from Seattle to Denver in addition to all of the moving preparation and adaptation you also have to consider the best strategies to acclimate to a higher altitude. Here is what you need to know on the subject.


Denver is becoming a popular destination. The city is one of the fastest-growing due to its booming economy. At the same time, taxes are low and living expenses are not that high. But the fact that people are pouring in is making a difference. The housing prices and rent are going up so the cost of living is also on the rise. So, before moving here make sure you do proper research and have a professional crew by your side to make your move safe, quick, and affordable.

Denver from above
Denver is a mile high city with a view of the mountains and surrounded by beautiful nature

Denver is perfect for outdoor activities. Adventure can be found within the city with a lot of parks and open outdoor spaces to enjoy. However, the city is more popular for its great outdoors and nature of Colorado and the Rocky mountains. Adventure seekers, adrenaline junkies are drawn in by nature, skiing, mountain climbing, and other activities in the vicinity.

That said, Denver also has some great weather. Its high altitude makes it exposed to the sunshine. The city experiences 300 sunny days a year. The climate is hot and dry. All of these reasons combined make Denver tough to get used to. Thus, it is not a surprise you will have to acclimate to a higher altitude properly.

The high altitude means that temperatures can get very high and weather can change rapidly. At the same time, the air is much thinner than in Seattle. All of these factors cause altitude sickness so you have to take your time and adjust. So, when moving to Denver and especially from a place like Seattle you should be prepared. Before you call Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage to handle your move, take some of the advice that can help you acclimate to Denver’s high altitude:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Regulate alcohol intake
  • Regulate physical activity
  • Prepare for the sun and dress in layers

Stay hydrated

To help your body acclimate to a higher altitude you should try drinking a lot of water. Staying hydrated in Denver is important as the weather is dry. This means that you will have to make up for the lack of humidity. Also, try to consume foods that are rich in potassium to stay on your feet during adaptation.


Try to regulate your alcohol intake. Alcohol can bind a lot of oxygen that your body needs in these conditions where the air is thin. At the same time, alcohol will seam stronger and have a greater effect.

A man running, mountains in the backround
Make sure you take it slow with your physical activity until your body adapts

Physical activity

Due to the changed conditions in air, humidity, and temperature, your physical activity will take a toll. If you exercise then cut down on your regular regime until the body adapts.

Adapt to the temperature and sun

Denver has a lot of sunny days during the year. The sun can be very powerful so prepare your sunscreen. At the same time, it can cause rapid changes in temperature. So dress in layers as daytime can be very warm but at dusk, you can experience a drastic temperature drop.

A hand circling the sun
Denver is sunny and warm so bring your sunscreen

So, adapting to the altitude difference is a must. The altitude discrepancy when you are moving from Seattle to Denver is great. So be sure to prepare for that in advance. Take time to adapt and after that, your life in Denver will be a breeze.

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