How to prepare your loved ones for the move?

Relocation isn’t just a complicated process when it comes to all the different tasks it requires. What’s usually left unseen is the emotional side of the story, and it needs to be addressed. Dealing with a whole range of emotions is especially challenging for children and the elderly. So, let’s take a look at how you can help prepare your loved ones for the move.

Get them to help you with the moving process

Depending on how long you’re planning the move, the emotional stage might kick differently for everyone. For example, let’s say you were organizing a last-minute relocation in Denver. Being in a hurry, there’s simply no time to be in tune with feelings. As a result, they catch up with you later. In all other cases, however, they may actually come in the way of moving preparations. It’s crucial to let the emotions flow, but at the same time keep busy so the relocation-related task is done on time. You can prepare your loved ones for the move simply by organizing them so everyone is a part of the packing process. This way, they’ll be involved in the task and keep their emotions in check.

A family working together as a way to prepare your loved ones for the move
Prepare your loved ones for the move by giving everyone a role in organizing the move

Prepare your loved ones for the move by acknowledging the tough feelings

With the rise of modern psychology, we’re all becoming aware that bottling up emotions is unhealthy. That’s why it’s so important that you let your family members go through all the emotional stages. After all, this is a big life change, so sad or negative emotions can rise out of newly discovered fears. If you’re moving with a child, then pay special attention to how they are processing the relocation. It’s important to present the new life as an interesting place full of new discoveries. Honest talk is also appreciated – the more you talk things through, the more the child will understand.

Reminisce about the old home

A great way to prepare for a new chapter in your life is to reread the previous one. In a way, look at it as saying goodbye to the place you’ve been living in until now. Before a moving company like loads all your stuff, enjoy the last moments in your current home. Even better, take a few photographs in order to have lasting memories. All of this will help prepare your loved ones for the moving day and make it easier for them. Of course, if you’ve never moved before, it’s quite understandable to expect strong emotions. That’s why you shouldn’t refrain from mentioning the ‘old life’, as it can actually bring some comfort. In any case, once local movers load all your stuff, sentimentality should be left aside as you brace yourself for the future.

A box with old photos
Keeping memories alive from the old home will help your family move past the emotional crisis

Turn towards the future

Speaking of the future, it’s always worth noting that it’s much more important than the past. So, prepare your loved ones for the move by grounding them in the present. This means shifting their direction away from nostalgic feelings and into the new reality. Don’t forget to have empathy – some family members might have been attached to the previous way of life and might be missing more than just a cozy feeling of home. It’s much more complex than that. Depending on where you’ve moved, they might be missing their friends too. Strike a balance between letting them ride this wave of tough emotions and bringing them to the present moment by adjusting to the new surroundings.

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