LA family’s guide to living in Denver

First of all, not many people know that Denver, CO is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. This makes Denver an attractive location for people who wish to move to this gem in the Rocky Mountains. If you are tired of LA remorseless heat, then you will most definitely enjoy Denver’s cool and clean streets. If you want to find out more about what it is like to live in Denver, read this LA family’s guide to living in Denver.

Even though most people associate California or Florida with a strong economy, Denver is not lagging behind. Because of this, there are many people nowadays who are moving to Denver from Miami and other cities in the US. What is even better, there are many things to experience in Denver other than the strong job market and income growth in the last few years.

lake and hill with trees in colorado
Living in Denver is great because you are close to amazing natural scenery.

If you are in search of a job in Denver and are planning to move in the near future, we suggest you make sure you get the best offer and hire the best company that handles long-distance moves. This is important because this kind of relocation is challenging due to the distance the moving vehicles have to cross.

The costs of living are going up, but are lower than in LA

Given Denver’s economic growth, it is becoming more expensive to live in Denver. However, monthly costs of living cannot even come close to those of living in LA, San Francisco, or New York. So, if you are considering moving from one of the major US cities such as New York any time soon, your expenses should reduce noticeably.

You need to be careful when choosing your neighborhood

As with any city in the US, living in a certain neighborhood can be an entirely different experience depending on the history and demographics of the area. Cap Hill is chic and urban. Uptown is great for young singles since it has a lot of bars and cafes. Country Club is pricey and luxurious.

Given this diversity, it is important you investigate what Denver neighborhoods are like before you even start looking at property listings. We suggest you consult Good Neighbors Moving Company as to which neighborhoods suit your family’s needs the best. The reason for this is because moving companies that operate in Denver can give you an insight into what neighborhoods there are and what suits you. Only when you downsize potential neighborhoods that you would feel comfortable living in should you seriously start the search for your new home.

denver skyline and clouds
Denver has many different neighborhoods.

Living in Denver is convenient due to low property taxes

Luckily, Colorado property taxes are quite low in comparison to LA. This is great news for people who plan on buying property in Denver, especially if you are leaving California for good. With regard to other taxes, it is worth noting that sales taxes are slightly above the national average. However, the state income tax amounts to 4.63%, placing Colorado somewhere below the middle of list of US states.

All in all, we hope this short LA family’s guide to living in Denver has helped you get a clearer picture of what it is like to be a resident of Denver, Colorado.

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