Why So Many People Decide to Move From a Big City to a Farm?

Life in the city is a lot different than life on a farm. Sometimes it is nice to get away from either and change your setting for a bit. Other times, people prefer to permanently move and completely change their lifestyle. Whatever your interests might, either move is a good one and will have you enjoying new habits. Therefore, why do so many people decide to move from a big city to a farm? There are probably multiple answers, and it could be personal preference, but let’s review some of the more obvious reasons. Continue reading, and let’s understand why people move from the city lifestyle to a farm one.


Moving from point A to point B, in general, provides a fresh start. It allows us to take a step forward and alter our lifestyles positively. Most of the time, life in the city is urban, fast-paced, and constantly on the go. Life on the farm is much more quiet and rural. Sometimes people decide to move from a big city to a farm to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy life with a lot less noise. Whether you are doing this mid-life, or decide to retire like that, a move from a big city to a farm is definitely a life-changing step altogether.

An illustration of a man on a tractor working on a farm.
Sometimes people move to a farm in search of a more simple and quiet lifestyle.

Big City to a Farm Move 101

When you move from a big city to a farm, your daily life definitely changes. One of the reasons people make this move is because they want a simpler life. Life on the farm will allow you to have more free time. This way you can focus more on yourself and spending time with the people close to you. The fast-paced life back in the city would have you running busy most of the time.

In addition, the cost of living is much different when you move to a farm. Life in the city has higher expenses than life at a farm. With monthly bills, utilities, and transportation, it can become quite expensive. Therefore, some people want to simplify their life and live a more affordable lifestyle.

An illustration of two windmills.
Escape the busy lifestyle in the city, and move to a farm where the cost of living is much more affordable.

Another beneficial element of moving from a big city to a farm is the commute! Instead of traveling for an hour within the city to get from one place to the next, on the farm, the same distance might take you 10 minutes. Overall, less traffic, so you can rely on faster and simpler transportation.

Bye City, Hello Farm

Once you start planning your move to the farm, make sure that you are prepared for all the changes. Organize your transfer and moving your belongings to your new place. Perhaps you might consider changing your vehicle and adapting more to the farm life. Overall, do your research prior to moving.

Simpler Times

All in all, a move from a big city to a farm is mostly a personal preference. Whether you are looking for a simpler life and want to slow down, or you want to focus on other things life has to offer, fully enjoy it! Make that move and make the most of it.

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