Moving from Baltimore to Denver – 2021 guide

Planning to move from one place to another is a big decision. And of course, this is also the case when moving from Baltimore to Denver. First, you need to organize your relocation in Denver and actually do it successfully and without stress, if possible. But, then you also need to get used to living in a new city. But, don’t worry, with this 2021 guide, your move won’t seem like a big deal.

Is it a big deal?

Let’s put it this way – it’s not a small deal. You are going to have to go through the interstate move and drive around 1700 miles to get to Denver. But, on the other hand, even though you are changing the state, you’re not changing the country. You aren’t moving from Saudi Arabia to Colorado, for example. So it’s not like you’ll have to get used to a completely new culture and traditions. So just follow this guide, step by step, and you should be all right.

Denver is waiting for you

Organizing your move from Baltimore to Denver

Creating a good plan will help you a great deal when moving from Baltimore to Denver. So, what should this plan include? First, you need to create your budget. Then you need a very detailed checklist and a timeline that will help you stay on schedule. And you’ll need to have some kind of a system that will help you with packing and unpacking. But, let’s take it slowly, let’s start with the budget.

Your moving budget

When creating your budget, you should know if you’re going to be moving by yourself, or you are going to hire a company. So, if you’re moving by yourself, these are some expenses you’ll have:

  • renting a moving vehicle
  • renting packing and moving supplies, dolly, ropes, etc.
  • road tolls and parking fees
  • other hidden or unexpected expenses

However, if you hire a moving company, certain costs will be compensated, since you’ll pay for hiring your movers.

Should you hire movers when moving from Baltimore to Denver?

It’s an interstate move, so having movers by your side will be very useful. Experienced professionals like Orly Moving will help your move go as smoothly as possible. Just make sure what kind of services you want to get from them. And of course, don’t choose any mover, but hire a reliable and professional moving company.

Moving checklist

It’s simply impossible to remember everything that you need to do when moving. Instead of thinking about it, just write it all down. Even the smallest tasks you should on your moving checklist. This way, you won’t forget about them, before you actually complete them. Also, plan a timeline for these tasks if necessary. This will help you stay on track and on schedule.

A list, sneakers, and sunglasses.
Write it all down

Moving supplies

So, unless your movers are packing your belongings you’ll need to do it yourself. And if they don’t provide the moving supplies, you’ll need to get them yourself, of course. So, try to find free boxes at a local store. The boxes should be sturdy and shouldn’t be damaged. Other than that, you’ll need:

  • Packing materials, to protect your belongings
  • Duct tape, a sharpie, label, scissors, etc.
  • other supplies

Follow the system

As you can see the checklists, the plans, and the system are important when organizing your move from Baltimore to Denver. And following this system will help you quite a lot when it comes to packing. So, use colors and number t0 make a list of all the things you’ll pack in one box. And, remember, don’t mix the items from different rooms in the same box. This will help you a lot when it’s time to unpack. And once you pack the items, label the box with a number or a name, or even a color. And make a list of all of the things inside. So, this way, if you happen to need something, you’ll know where this item is.

Pack essentials bags

It’s tricky to get something out of the box, even if you know where it is. To avoid this inconvenience, you should pack an essentials bag or a box. This box should contain all of the things that you might need during your relocation and a couple of days after your move. These are some of the things you should keep with you:

  • ID and other important documents
  • toiletries
  • phone, laptop, chargers
  • a change of clothes for a couple of days
  • a change of sheets and pillows
  • some food and the most basic cooking supplies and dishes

The last items on the list are there for the first couple of days at your new home. This will help you unpack at your own pace, instead of doing it the first day.

Luggage on the floor.
Essentials bag will come in handy

The cost of living

According to, rent prices are around 21.82% higher in Denver, than in Baltimore. It seems that with 5,081.50$ in Denver, CO you would be able to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with $ in Baltimore, MD. That is, assuming that you rent. However, grocery prices are around 10% lower in Denver, than in Baltimore. And local purchasing power is around 3.62% higher in Denver. This is partly due to the fact that according to the latest information in April 2020, the average monthly net salary is higher in Denver, More precisely, in Baltimore, the average net salary is around $ 3,907.00, while in Denver it’s $ 4,285.95.

Getting used to a different environment

Moving from Baltimore to Denver is a big change in your life. And it will take some time to get used to a different city. However, it’s not a different country, and the culture is not that different really. Actually, population density is pretty much the same, as well as the median age. But, you are around  35.5% more likely to be married in Denver. Still, you’ll need some time to get to know the city and find the art districts or other exciting places. Meeting new people, exploring new places… all of this can be fun and exciting, as long as you maintain that perspective.

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