4 go green ideas for your workspace

With this new age and technology progress, we meet improvement in other spheres of our lives. As time goes on we become aware of more important things and we put them in the foreground. Suddenly we are realizing that we have one home that we need to protect. Ecological awareness is growing. The path of a thousand miles is crossed in small steps and each of us should make one. Those small steps can make you go green in your house. We have some great go green ideas for your workspace.

Save your energy

What is the first thing you do when you walk into your workspace? Turn on the lights, of course. There are several ways to reduce electrical consumption and make it more environmentally-friendly.

  • Energy-efficient light bulb. You can use halogen, Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), light-emitting diodes (LED). They use less energy in comparison to the traditional light bulbs and saves your money in that way.
  • Use your windows as the light source. They can be energy efficient. They are made of two or three sealed glass panes in a frame. The perfect way to go green in your workspace is to take wooden frame windows.
  • Use solar-panels if you have a space for them. They use sunlight as a source of energy and generate electricity in that way.
  • Underfloor heating is a great option. The air that circulates in underfloor pipes is cleaner than air pushed in the radiators. Underfloor heating can use water and air, depending on the type of system. You can power it with a solar-panels. It exploits less energy than the average space heater.
Planet Earth in the light bulb
Saving energy is a priority

Water is the basis of life

There are several ways to use water reasonably and go green ideas for your workspace. Take the water eco filters if tap water is not good enough for drinking. This will stop you to buy water bottles. Low flow faucet is a great solution, less water doesn’t mean lover water pressure so don’t worry. Low flow, eco-toilets can be big water- savers. When cleaning, think about the water and environment and use homemade cleaning products that don’t pollute water. These small changes can make a big difference.

Ideas for your (work) space

Organizing, equipping, and arranging your workplace can be a big deal. Insulation of the space you are working in is a big deal. You can use go green materials for this: cellulose, cotton, sheep’s wool, spray foam. These materials are safe to handle and not cause irritation to the skin or respiratory tract. This will save you a lot of money.

Buy recycled or second-hand furniture, it can be as good as new. The best choice is furniture from recycled items like wood, textile, wood pallets. Bamboo and rattan could be used for office decor. You can decorate your office with plants and herbs, it will be good for you. Plant some seed and watch it grow.

Don’t discount having ticker curtains instead of a blind and opts. They can be a great energy conserver and in the summer can help to keep the room cooler and darker.

Cactus and plants in pots
Decorate your workspace

DIY instead of buying a new one can produce a great amount of fun. You can find some interesting ideas online.

Waste is not a waste of time

Going green in your workspace does not have to be trouble. Educate yourself in recycling and practice it each day. Use garbage- disposers, it will make it easy for you. Recycling and\ or compost bin can be a great choice. Think of the safe way to dispose of hazardous, electrical, medical\ clinical waste.

Changing your point of view can be easy but changing your habits from now on could be a bumpy ride. Think about your goal, you can be that one agent that changes everything. You can turn the go green ideas for your workspace into a fun rearrangement process. You will create a healthy environment for yourself in which you will be more efficient and happier.

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