Denver family moving to NYC: neighborhoods to check out

Having a big dream is a matter of imagination, but the realization of dreams in New York City is a matter of courage. Whatever the reason, moving with your family is a serious task, and moving from Denver to Big apple can be a hardworking job. Be prepared, be patient, organize yourself. Moving from the capital and most populous city of the U.S. State of Colorado to the urban hive-like New York City is going to be a multi-step process. As you probably already know, New York is not just about crowded streets and bright lights. This city provides an opportunity for comfortable family life and development. It has some neighborhoods to check out and consider.

So many choices

New York, is the most populous city in the United States and it is a city situated on one of the world’s largest natural harbors. New York City is composed of five boroughs and each of which is a county of the State of New York: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. For the difference from Denver which has 78 neighborhoods, New York has 5 boroughs, 59 community districts, and hundreds of neighborhoods but there are few neighborhoods to check out and examine carefully.

There are some neighborhoods to check out

Choose according to your affinities and find the best neighborhood for your family. There are so many, more or less, good options, but there are several neighborhoods to check out. We have suggestions for every borough, the best they can offer. After making a decision, make a good moving plan. Experts you can find at can be of great help to you.

Upper Eastside – Manhattan

Manhattan is an incredible place to raise kids if you can afford it. This neighborhood is bounded by Central Park, Hudson River, West 59th Street, and West 110th Street. The Upper West Side is best known for its coffee shops on every corner and family-friendly casual restaurants. Because of the position he occupies, between Central Park and Riverside Park along the Hudson River, it has consistently been ranked among the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

Broadway sign
The most desirable part of the town is                                             Manhattan

The Upper Side has a higher rate of college-educated residents than the rest of the city, and this part of the town has a wide selection of public, charter, and private schools and higher education institutions. Before the move, you need to prepare your family for all the changes they can expect. Upper West Side is expensive, but if you can afford it, all the pros of this area mean that it’s worth the money.

Bushwick – Brooklyn

This is a working-class neighborhood. Diverse housing stock includes six-family apartment buildings and two- and three-family townhouses and the neighborhood has thirty-three public and private schools. This includes 14 public elementary schools, one charter school, four parochial schools, seven high schools, and one secondary school. This is a perfectly safe neighborhood which makes it perfect for living with family. This is a great neighborhood and if you decide to move here, find some local movers. The whole process of moving will be easier if you find some assistance to settle in nicely. Life in this neighborhood is colorful and you can build some great memories here. This one belongs to neighborhoods to check out.

Country Club – Bronx

If you’re looking for a safe, affordable place for living, this could be it. Country Club is a residential neighborhood of Bronx. If you have kids, this neighborhood has a private primary educational institution within its borders and two zoned public elementary schools. This is a safe neighborhood with a decent option for public transportation and it is perfect for a family. If you move in here, you can spend your time in beautiful parks, watch the games at the Yankee Stadium or visit the great Bronx Zoo. There are so many great attractions in this neighborhood to visit. So plan your move and pack your bags, Country Club is waiting for you.

Huguenot – Staten Island

Far away from loud traffic and the crowd, you can find a relaxing residential neighborhood in Staten Island.

Park bench in the autumn
Spend your time in nature

Originally named “Bloomingview”, this is one of the neighborhoods to check out. This is the neighborhood characterized by modern family homes and there are not a lot of businesses in the area, so there is not much traffic. You can choose a perfect surrounding for yourself in this neighborhood. When you decide to move in here, think about the location and where you want to live. You can live on the shore, or if you like grassy areas you can purchase a home right on the golf course. This is a safe and quiet neighborhood, which makes it perfect for families.

Forest Hills – Queens

One of the most perfect neighborhoods to check out, if you are moving with your family, is Forest Hills. This is one of the best places to live in New York. It has a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, public schools in Forest Hills are above average, and it is a safe part of the town. It contains a particularly diverse mixture of housing:

  • Single-family houses – This can be either a detached or a semi-detached dwelling.
  • Attached townhouses – One or more walls are shared with an adjacent attached townhome. Expect a little bit more privacy than you would get in a condo.
  • Both low-rise buildings­ – Low-rise buildings are apartment complexes with a height of up to 4 stories.
  • High-rise apartment buildings – It refers to a building over a certain height or number of stories.
Brick house
Find your home in here

Forest Hills is bordered by two of the largest parks in Queens, it was featured as the home setting for the fictional comic book character Spider-Man, it was once the home of the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

Choose wisely

This is not the end of the list but this is our favorites, one from each borough. With choosing the right one, your job is not over, besides, it has just begun. Now begins the exhausting part for which you must find the strength. There are several ways you can make this easier for your family. Now, it is time for:

  • Packing, decluttering, and storage – This is a long process so pay attention to every detail. Be careful with packing your things and don’t forget anything. The best way is to make a checklist. Declutter and clean your home before you live. This will be a liberating experience for you. If you have a great number of things that you have to move, consider finding some great moving company and rent storage in New York. You can find an affordable unit for your possessions. Your belongings will be protected and safe until your apartment is ready to move in.
  • Moving and settling – It is a long road from Denver to New York City. Don’t get unnecessarily annoyed, hire a moving company. They will do this exhausting job in no time and in the most professional way. In that way, you and your family will have more time to relax and adapt to new surroundings

Moving from the capital of Colorado into New York City with your family will be a new start for all of you. Prepare well, and pack all the strength you have. This will be a new, fertile soil for your dreams and hopes, it will bring new adventures for your family, and new opportunities. The environment is most important, so think about our suggestions, concerning these neighborhoods to check out. Find your perfect place under the sun.

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