4 questions to ask your movers on a moving day

The moving day is finally there, so what is your job? How to act and where to start? It is the most stressful day of the moving process and if you have hired a professional moving company to help you with the relocation, is there something that you need to ask? Yes, there is. You should ask your movers on a moving day some questions and talk to them. After all, your belonging will be in their hands. It is a big deal.

Ask your movers on a moving day these questions

Besides talking to your movers and asking them for advice, there is a simple tip that will help you pack and move with ease. Before packing and doing other moving tasks, download moving apps that will save your sanity and always have your moving checklist with you.

An image representing tasks on a moving day.
When your movers arrive, talk to them about moving details and organize your moving day

As we said before, moving is stressful and because of that, people often forget to do even the most important items.

#1 Ask the driver for a phone number

Anything can happen during transportation, so it will be beneficial to have a phone number of a moving truck driver. Maybe they cannot find your new address, or they are late, etc. By having contact info, you will always know where they are at that moment. And of course, if something goes wrong, they will call you. Verify the company’s info before hiring movers, and check their contact information.

#2 What is the time of arrival

When your items will be at your new address? Of course, you will know exactly when a moving company will be there to pick up your household items. But, after loading all those moving boxes into a moving van, ask them how much time will they need to come to your new home. Especially if you are moving to a different city or state.

Q&A letters symbolizing what to ask your movers on a moving day.
Prepare questions before movers arrive and you won’t forget to ask anything

#3 Are there any additional fees

If you have a lot of stairs in your home, or special items to move, for example, it is an additional cost. There are ways to organize your household for relocation which also include cleaning up the house. It is important to have enough space to move furniture around. Clear a hallway, pathway in front of the house, etc. When the movers come, ask them if there will be some extra costs. This way you will be prepared for the final bill.

#4 How much time you have for complaints

After moving and unpacking, something may be damaged or broken, unfortunately. What is the company’s policy in this situation and how much time do you have to complain. Usually, it is about 2 weeks. But, just in case, ask your movers on a moving day how much time do you exactly have. Immediately after moving, make sure everything is there and in one piece.

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