How to organize a move from Florida to Colorado on a short notice

Moving can be a stressful experience by itself. But move on short notice can be even more nerve recking. That’s why we always say to plan your move months in advance. But sometimes you don’t have time for that or life just hits you with sudden change. Maybe you got a promotion and have to move from Florida to Colorado on a short notice, or you have to help your family. But if you don’t have the extra time to plan there are still some ways to make your move go smoothly as possible. Even if you have kids, it is all in making a plan and staying organized. Here are some suggestions for you.

Stay organized and start packing

First, start purging your stuff that you don’t need or use. You don’t need to drag all of it to your new home, also you can organize a garage sale for some extra money, or if you don’t have time just donate them to people in need. After that, it’s time to start packing your life so you can move to your new home.

Dog hiding in a moving box while you pack for move on a short notice
While moving on short notice be sure you are not going over the timeline you set.

It’s time to pack your clothes and other stuff in your moving boxes. And remember to mark the boxes with markers so you know what’s in them so the unpacking process will go quick and smooth.

While you move from Florida to Colorado on a short notice

When moving on short notice be sure to make a timeline and follow it, many times this goes overlooked and can easily then be missed. So, make sure you have the best assistance while doing this big move in your life. This way everything will be easier and your timeline will not be missed. Think about making a to-do list and keep it with you in a folder with important documents.

By making a do-to list with timelines it will help you not to push your deadline and you can check off what you already did and prioritize what else needs to be done.

Say goodbye to your old home

If you are moving with kids, the relocation will hit them harder than you. They will probably be homesick for some time after the move. But don’t worry with some adjustment and time they will love the new home. It would be good to make them part of the process and let them make some decisions by themselves. But when it comes to relocation, experts can help you out with that.

Two people hugging and saying goodbye beacause you have to move on a short notice
Make sure you say goodbye to your neighbors and people you care about, also let them know about your new address

Don’t forget to repair your old home for the people who will live there after you. Also, let your neighbors know that you are about to move from Florida to Colorado on a short notice and say goodbye to them. It would be good to let them know or write on paper and give them your new address so they can reach you. So you can get in contact and talk about what is happing in your old neighborhood.


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