Artists from Denver moving to Seattle: where to set up your studio

You want to move from Denver because of your art career, and you have also outgrown your old town. So you want to change, wonder where to set up your studio, and to move somewhere you will have more opportunities in your area of expertise. You will have a lot of decisions to make because you have so many cities to decide from. So, start interviewing your movers on time. Here are some cities you can look at while choosing to move.

Of course, Kirkland is on the list

Kirkland is a big city with more than 90.000 people living there at this moment. Because of its size, you will easily find what you need here. That includes your new home. Studio for your art and also many other things that comes to your mind. This town is very modern and it is one of the safest places for your new home.

Beautiful skyview of Kirkland where to set up your studio
Kirkland is one of many beautiful cities in this area for a reason. But it will also give you a place where to set up your studio.

You have various things to see and do here from the rich culinary scene, also the generous and beautiful nature to give you some inspiration for your art. But the most famous thing Kirkland is known for is the art galleries which you can also visit anytime you want. This city will give you everything you need and want if you decide to relocate here. In that case, a moving crew from can help you with the move itself.

Bellevue city is where to set up your studio

Bellevue is on the eastside and is a decent size city with more than 122.000 people living there at this moment. So naturally, for a town of that size, you will have many different opportunities in this city and will easily find a place for your new art studio. Should you decide to move here, certified people can help you out with the relocation.

Bellevue is also known for its beautiful parks so you will have somewhere to go when the art block hits. High ranked and top schools if you have children or you are still studying. Also, the economy is always vibrant here, so ask for a moving quote quickly and reserve your place here.

Skyview of Bellevue

Bellevue is a beautiful city. If you choose Bellevue for your new home and studio you will not be disappointed.

Professional movers can help you

No matter what city you choose, there are expert movers to assist you.  They will take the weight of the move from your shoulders. And they are professionals for a reason. They do this on a daily basis. Some things they can help you with include packing, moving heavy belongings, driving your stuff where to set up your studio, unloading. They can give you an estimate so you will know exactly how much you will pay for the help.


No matter where you choose to move you will not be disappointed, and your studio setup will be amazing. It is not a surprise that these towns are so popular among people who need to relocate and boost their artistic careers. You just have to see which one is the best for you and what you need from the city.

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