Why are Denver families moving to New Hampshire and where are they moving to

New Hampshire is a great place to live in and a good decision for relocation if you are considering moving. Many people today tend to seek more peaceful towns and areas to live in. New Hampshire is starting to be popular and a good choice for relocation from busy cities like Denver. There are many reasons to do so. If you were ever wondering just why are Denver families moving to New Hampshire here you will have the opportunity to find out some of the reasons. If you are thinking of changing your address and relocating your family this article might be for you and it might help you move to New Hampshire.

Why New Hampshire?

The reasons for these relocations are many. They are specific and unique to everyone. However, families have their own set of criteria to help them decide on their perfect moving relocation. Families with children have unique needs that have to be satisfied. That being said you should be aware that:

  • NH is a beautiful state with plenty of amenities and natural sites that are great for families and family activities with children. Mountains, beaches, or urban areas of the state offer a taste of the state’s beauty.
  • New Hampshire is one of the safest states in the US making it suitable for families looking for some peace of mind.
A small town in NH
Many small towns are perfect for families in NH
  • There are plenty of living places to pick from as there are many family-friendly towns.
  • Affordability is also one of the factors that lean towards choosing to move to New Hampshire. No income or sales tax makes the state affordable and budget-friendly.

Where to?

Once you learn this you will have a clear idea of why are Denver families moving to New Hampshire. However, you might want to know just where they are moving to. The most popular destinations are:

  • Hanover,
  • Dover,
  • Portsmouth,
  • Northwood.
A harbour
Mountains, beaches, and nature are the most iconic aspects of NH.


Dover is great for families. The town is small and quiet. However, it has everything a family needs. From great schools to plenty of job opportunities and nightlife. Families can enjoy many of the Dover amenities. Even the moving service is great in this whole area of Stratford County. You can benefit greatly from hiring local professionals to handle the job.


Hanover is one of the best choices for families. The city is the safest place in the US according to the FBI. Besides, it has great public schools, the job market is great, affordability and entertainment options are vast. With this in mind, it is clear why this is a popular moving destination for Denver families moving to New Hampshire. It is easy to relocate here but make sure you look for professional assistance to help you pack for the move. It is important to get professionals to assist you to disassemble and assemble the furniture.


Great weather, schools, and safety are the main characteristics of this New Hampshire town. If you decide on moving to Northwood, rest assured that locals can help you settle in easily. Local movers have all of the experience they need to assist families to relocate here.

Portsmouth street
The town of Portsmouth has its particular charm making it perfect for families


Portsmouth is wonderful for families. The town has 5 a-rated schools, it is a safe place to raise children. The town also offers some great urban areas s well as great nature with a lot of great outdoor activities. Preparing your family and organizing your home for the move here may be the right idea.


Moving to NH is not a decision you will regret. Here are plenty of reasons why are Denver families moving to New Hampshire and why you should too. We have also given you an idea of where to move to but you should make sure you find your own way around NH.

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