Denver vs Miami – what do new parents say

Moving can be tough. Relocating with family and kids even harder. The only thing helping you out is knowing that you’re going somewhere sunnier. Flip flops and a T-shirt, playing in the sun. The only problem is to choose which sunny city suits you better. So we made a list, Denver vs Miami, according to impressions of the new parents.

Denver vs Miami

You probably looked online to find information about these two cities. Which is better for a family relocation? What do other new parents say? Though it seems minimal, there are some differences. So let’s point out the good and the bad sides of each one.

A man and a woman writing a Denver vs. Miami list on a dry-erase board
Write a pros and cons list to help you decide.


It is declared the 5th fastest growing city in the nation. It is also the 4th fastest growing city speaking of the economy. A growing economy means more job opportunities. More job opportunities mean a bigger influx of people and families. So if you’re thinking of moving to Denver, contact professionals for help around the organization and move. So to help you decide, here are some pros and cons of living in Denver:


  • Work and life balance – work hours are organized in a way that people can have more time to spend with their families
  • Weather – Denver has around 300 sunny days per year, which means more time spent outside
  • Parks and playgrounds – speaking of outside, there are lots of parks located in almost every neighborhood
  • Support for parents – there are different programs for fathers to help them involve in the life of their children; there are also internationally recognized organizations that support parents: MOPS, Love and Logic Institute, and Parenting Safe Children
  • Healthy local food – they pay attention to the quality of their food and where it comes from
  • Pediatric care – one of the best hospitals nationally Children’s Hospital Colorado is located in Denver, amongst 3 other cities in Colorado.
A couple walking their toddler.
Every family will enjoy a walk in the park.


  • Weekend traffic – since there are lots of ski resorts nearby, you better get used to traffic jam on Fridays and Sundays
  • High altitude – until you accustom yourself, this can give you problems with headaches, bloody nose, and dehydration. Nothing serious though
  • Health care – it costs up to 17% more than the national average


Beautiful coast and lots of entertainment. Though considered to be partying paradise, and nothing but that, it is also a family-friendly city. And with a good moving service easily found on, you can start your life there in no time. So here is, once again, a list of pros and cons, to help you decide:


  • No taxes – you are only required to pay federal taxes
  • Weather – as expected, there is also year-round beach weather
  • Multicultural community – you have a chance to be a part of a diverse population (Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico, Haiti)
  • Parks and playgrounds – there are over 150 parks with playgrounds and splash pads
  • Shopping – lots of baby and kid boutiques
  • Disneyland Miami – do we have to say anything about this one? Denver vs Miami, Miami wins.
Family on a beach.
Enjoy sunny weather!


  • Low family salaries – some of the reasons could be the youth of the industry or business-friendly taxes
  • High housing prices – it can be challenging to find a home that suits your requirements and your salary
  • Bugs – prepare yourself to see a lot of bugs flying around

Pack, pack, store

As we mentioned, both cities are pretty hot, and you won’t need too many things. Wherever you choose to go, don’t overload. If you do pack a lot more than just flip flops and shirts (metaphorically speaking) which is not recommended in Miami, don’t worry – you can always rent some extra space for your possessions. Even if you change your mind, or have to relocate again, your things will be safe until you need them again

What’s the score?

No, we’re not talking about Denver vs Miami basketball game. As you can see, these cities have a lot of similarities. And each of them has its perks and flaws. Especially when it comes to parenting. Just make sure you prepare your loved ones for the relocation, choose the right moving option, and get everything organized. In the end, whichever city you choose, your kids will have an amazing childhood experience, and you won’t regret it.

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