Colorado Students Moving To Mississippi: Best Cities To Live In

Everybody says college is the best time of your life, and they’re not wrong. Meeting new people, learning about things you love, and becoming independent are very exciting for all students. One thing that can be stressful (besides exams) is definitely relocating. A lot of students choose colleges located in a different city, even another state. If you’re someone who’s moving to a different state then you should definitely prepare yourself for making some major decisions. That can be choosing the right moving company, all the stuff you’ll have to bring with you and last but not least the city you’ll call home for the next couple of years. In the following text, you’ll find out which cities are popular among Colorado students moving to Mississippi. 

Before relocating to Mississippi…

Before moving from Colorado to Mississippi, don’t forget about packing and transferring your things to another state. This is as important as choosing a college and reading up on the city you’re moving to. You might know the best moving company in Colorado, but you may need some help when it comes to finding the best one from Mississippi. With the assistance of Spyder Moving expert teams, your move will e a breeze. Now that we reminded you of this big step, let’s learn something about the best cities for students in Mississippi. 

A girl with a backpack  and a strolling suitcase, one of the many Colorado students moving to Mississippi.
Moving to another country for college is a big decision

Do you have a bug for Art and Entertainment? Then choose Cleveland, MS!

If you’re a Colorado student moving to Mississippi and you’re looking for a great Art program, look no more! In Cleveland, MS you’ll find the best Art and Culture program at one and only Delta State University. This University is the reason why Cleveland is considered one of the best student-friendly cities in the country. Thanks to its youthful and lively atmosphere, the population of young people in Cleveland is 2nd best in the country. The campus of Delta State University is home to a lot of Cleveland city sights such as Bologna Performing Arts Center, Charles W. Capps, Jr. Archives, The Mathews-Sanders Sculpture Garden, GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi, etc. 

Art is not the only thing that Cleveland has to offer. It’s also a great city for foodies and those who enjoy music. From delicious street food to fancy fine-dining restaurants, this city offers you a great experience when it comes to food. There is something for everybody, so don’t worry, you’ll easily find what suits you the best. When it comes to music, Cleveland delivers again! Besides being home to ‘Father of the Blues’, Charley Patton, it also offers a variety of music events such as Crosstie Arts & Jazz Festival and Oktoberfest. If you like everything you read about Cleveland, MS start organizing your household for relocation from Colorado to Mississippi because you just found the perfect city for you! 

Boy and Girl Sitting on the Grass at College Campus
Colorado students moving to Mississippi have a bunch of opportunities

If you love science and history – Columbus, MS is the right place for you

Choosing a science path is a smart move and we have great news if you want to pursue it in Mississippi. Mississippi University for Women is one of the most valued and respected colleges in the state. It offers a great Medical program, therefore it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a career in this field. On the other hand, if you’re more into studying business, you won’t be disappointed either. Whichever major you pick, moving from Colorado to Mississippi is definitely the right decision!

Being a student isn’t all about studying, right? You’re allowed to have fun as well. If you decided to leave Colorado and move to Columbus, MS, then you should make time for sightseeing and exploring the city. There is a bunch of beautiful historic sites related to Nativ American History, Civil War and African-American Heritage. If you’re more of an adrenalin junkie then you should definitely check out Magnolia Motor Speedway (Dirt Track). Whatever are your preferences you’ll have a great time. So, prepare your family for the move and start packing for the life in Columbus, MS!

Choose Tupelo like many Colorado students moving to Mississipi do

A lot of students choose the small town of Tupelo when moving from Colorado to Mississippi because of several college opportunities. Here is the list of these colleges:

  • Itawamba Community College – public, 2 years 
  • Northeast Mississippi Community College – public, 2 years
  • Blue Mountain College – private, 4 years 

Tupelo, MS is a small town with great spirit. It’s best known for being the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Elvis Presley. His childhood home is now a museum that attracts several thousand people throughout the year. Moving to Tupelo also means you get to enjoy seeing incredible street murals all over the city. Whether you decide to move here for a lively art scene, numerous fun festivals or picturesque views, you won’t regret it. To make this move an even better experience, pick the best moving company and reach out to teams in the area, and your relocation from Colorado to Mississipi will be smooth and easy.  

Hands Putting Books in the Box
Hire the best moving company for your relocation to Mississippi

Let’s make a recap!

Reading all this we can conclude that there are a few steps that every student has to make before moving from Colorado to Mississippi. Read the list below and make sure to check every single thing on it:

  • Choose a college of your dreams – don’t let the distance scare you, pick the college that will make your dreams come true;
  • Get to know the city you’ll live in – once you chose the perfect college, be sure to read up on the city your college is located in;
  • Chose the right moving company – as packing is the most stressful thing when relocating, make sure to pick the right moving company for you and communicate with movers throughout your move from Colorado to Mississipi

Say goodbye to Colorado and hello to Mississippi!

Now that you gathered information on the best student cities in Magnolia State, being a Colorado student moving to Mississippi doesn’t seem so stressful, does it? The best thing about all these cities is that they are all super affordable for students so you don’t have to worry about high living costs and living on a budget. Let yourself be excited about all the good changes you’re about to experience. Pick the best city and college for you and let that Mississippi adventure begin!

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