From Denver to Kuwait: how to pack fragile items for overseas relocation

So, you’re moving from Denver to Kuwait and a whole new life expects you halfway across the globe. There is no doubt, you’re excited, scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time. Also, you’re probably at a loss of what to do and how to organize your overseas relocation. While there are numerous important decisions to make and difficult tasks to complete before moving, packing for an international move is one of your top priorities. Here’s a guide on how to pack fragile items for overseas relocation.

On your moving out of Colorado – checklist for moving with kids, the packing will be the hardest and most time-consuming task. This process includes everything from deciding what to pack and gathering packing supplies to putting everything into boxes and transporting. However, the most difficult part of packing is figuring out how to pack fragile items for overseas relocation. So, to help you pack fragile items for your move from Denver to Kuwait with ease, here’s a simple guide.

Fragile Packaging Handle
When moving from Denver to Kuwait you need to know how to pack fragile items for overseas relocation.

Create a packing plan

The first thing to do when you’re preparing to pack fragile items for overseas relocation is to create a plan. With the packing and moving plan, you’ll smooth out the whole process. So, make a good plan and ensure that includes an inventory. Create a list of all the items you own that you believe have the potential to break during the relocation. This is also a great time to get rid of some of your fragile items. You can pass them along to your family member or friend. If you move items you don’t necessarily need or want to keep, you’ll just waste your money. So, consider decluttering before packing fragile items for a move.

Having an inventory list of all your fragile and valuable items will be beneficial when relocating. Also, make sure you take photos of expensive items and note their condition. Now, you’ll need to gather the packing materials you need to ensure safe transport from Denver to Kuwait. 

Gather good packing supplies

The next step is collecting the packing supplies you’ll need. When it comes to moving fragile items overseas, strong packing materials are the key to avoid damages. So, here’s the list of packing supplies and equipment you will need.

  • Clean and sturdy small to medium-sized cardboard boxes. It’s recommendable to get more boxes than you will need. When packing fragile items, don’t cram them into one box because they will be under a lot of pressure during the transport and can break. So, avoid this and have some extra boxes.
  • Strong and wide packing tape to secure all your boxes.
  • Packing paper or peanuts to fill empty spaces in the moving box. Avoid using the newspaper because it can leave black ink marks on your items.
  • Bubble foil. You’ll use it to wrap all your fragile items.
  • Markers for labeling boxes.

When gathering moving boxes, you need to know that using any second-hand box that was wet or the box with a few indentations won’t hold up during the relocation. Buying fresh boxes from your hardware store is your best bet. Also, your movers Easy Move KW can provide the boxes you need for your fragile items. They also provide a variety of packing services you can choose from and ensure a stress-free relocation of your valuable possessions. Don’t hesitate, contact them as soon as you can.

Wrapping Paper Fragile Pack Move Box - Moving from Denver to Kuwait
Make sure you gather the right packing supplies.

Have a packing station

Having a packing station is one of the best organizational things you can do when packing fragile items for overseas relocation from Denver to Kuwait. Your packing station can be anything, from the living room floor to the kitchen table. Just choose an area in your home, clear that space, and only put packing supplies there. Then, bring fragile items from every room and pack them carefully. You’ll have a lot of free space to move around which you need when dealing with such items. Fragile items require special care when packing, so when you set up a packing station, you have the perfect condition for it.

How to pack fragile items for overseas relocation from Denver to Kuwait

Having a packing plan is one of the 4 smart ways to organize your household for relocation. But, before you start packing, you need to prepare every moving box. This means you should inspect them thoroughly and see if there is any damage. Next, crumple your packing paper and stuff it in the bottom of every box. Make sure that the layer is about four to six inches thick. This will prevent your fragile items from jumping around in the box. Then, carefully wrap an item in a bubble foil and put it in a box that’s slightly bigger than your item. But, make sure you place it in the center of the box carefully. Fill up space with soft packing materials. Then, close the box and tape it. But, don’t forget to label the box on the top and side fragile. 

Also, make sure you pack by room. Then, it will be easy to just take the boxes to their rooms in your new Kuwait home when unpacking.

Key Moving Box Packing
Prepare your moving boxes before packing.

Additional packing tips when moving from Denver to Kuwait

Besides learning how to find the best resources to help you plan your move, you’ll need these additional packing tips. When packing your fragile items for moving overseas, you have to be both careful and creative. Depending on what fragile item you’re packing, here are some tips to use.

  • Packing glasses. Make sure you wrap them individually in wrapping paper. Also, make sure you crumble the paper and put it in the glass. 
  • Packing dishes. Wrap every plate in separate packing paper. Next, stack five to six plates together and wrap the stack in the paper too. This will protect the plates and prevent them to jump around. Stacking them also provides a layer of security.
  • Mirrors, pictures, and frames are some of the biggest concerns when packing fragile items. For packing them use bubble foil and corrugated cardboard. But, before this, use the packing tape to form a star shape on the surface of the glass. It helps against the vibrations when moving. Then, wrap the item in bubble foil and put it between two sheets of cardboard.

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