Where to find cheap packing supplies in Denver?

It goes without saying that relocation is expensive. You have to take care of your housing costs, pay for the moving trucks, moving equipment, shipping, insurance, etc. But, there are things on which you can save some money and thus cut the overall price of your move! And, those things are packing supplies – all kinds of them. Packing supplies can easily break the budget if one is not careful. But, with our help, you will not be anywhere near breaking the budget. So, where to find cheap packing supplies in Denver? Is that even possible? Of course, it is! And that will be our topic of the day. Thus, if you want to know more about all the places where you can find cheap packing supplies, or even completely free packing supplies, keep on reading.

Your Neighborhood

The first place where you should look for cheap packing supplies for your upcoming move, either a local move in Denver or an international somewhere across the ocean, is your neighborhood. That is, you should ask all of your neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues, etc., whether they have some packing items to spare. Maybe some of your neighbors, or other previously mentioned people, moved recently, and they still have all packing supplies in their homes (those can be boxes, bins, duct tapes, plastic wraps, packing papers, and so on). You may get them for a relatively cheap price, or completely free – depending on your relationship. Thus, do not hesitate to ask around! Who knows, you may even be doing somebody a favor by taking all the boxes and other packing supplies from their homes -you know what they say – someone’s junk is another’s treasure! 

a woman carrying a box - cheap packing supplies
Looking for cheap supplies – let your neighbors be your first option.

Your Own Home

What is better than cheap packing supplies? Free packing supplies! And, where to find free packing supplies? In your own home. Yes, you heard it correctly. Your own home is full of items that can serve as packing supplies! You just have to be creative enough. So, look around your home and see what items can serve as boxes. Those can be any containers you may have that can serve as alternatives to moving boxes. For instance, you may pack your items in plastic bins, shoe boxes, suitcases, backpacks, etc. Instead of packing paper and plastic wrap, try to find some old magazines and newspapers.

However, be careful when using these kinds of packing supplies for your upcoming move. Yes, they can save you a lot of money, but they may also cause you a lot of damage if you are not careful enough. Namely, these improvised packing materials are great for packing clothes, books, linen, and similar, non-breakable items. If you have to pack some sensitive and fragile items, better opt for ‘real’ packing supplies! 


The internet is the place where you can find almost anything – you can look for the best resources to help you plan your move and you can also find moving supplies for a relatively cheap price. There are many stores that sell them and that will be able to ship you whatever you need in no time. So, start searching the web. Moreover, besides small shops, you can also look for cheap packing supplies on sites like Craigslist where people sell and give away just anything. Or, go to Freecycle – a site where you can find recycled goods. In a way, by purchasing or just reusing somebody else’s items, you will be recycling and thus helping to save the environment. So, it is a win-win situation, your wallet will be happy, and the Earth will be happy. 

Cardboard boxes.
Packing materials can be found online for a relatively cheap price – you just have to be willing to look.

Local Stores

Local stores are generally cheaper than big supermarkets. So, pay a visit to all of your local stores – stationery shops, hardware stores, or even dollar stores. But, do not neglect supermarkets completely. Maybe they will be having a sale soon and thus give you the ability to purchase top-notch packing supplies for a relatively cheap price. Moreover, pay a visit to the bookstores, greengrocers, and even liquor stores. These kinds of stores receive their goods in various kinds of containers. Usually, they either recycle or throw them away. But, it does not hurt to ask whether you can take the boxes, bins, crates and whatever they are not using nor plan on using in the future. Just like mentioned before, who knows, you may be doing them a favor by taking this stuff off their hands. 

Two cardboard boxes.
Give your local stores a chance – they may be full of packing ‘treasures’.

Or, at Your Local Moving Company

People who need or just want to cut corners on their upcoming move, do not even think about going to the moving company and asking for packing supplies. It is understandable – moving companies that organize any type of relocation in Denver are generally expensive. However, that is not always the case. Just like all other types of stores in the world, moving companies too have occasional sales when you can purchase their goods or even their services for a relatively cheap price. So, keep an eye on your local moving companies. Moreover, speaking of keeping an eye on something, you should also pay attention to coupons! Nowadays, there are coupons for pretty much everything. And, many moving companies are willing to give out coupons to attract new customers. You can find them in your local newspapers, for example. Thus, if you want cheap packing supplies, be on the watch.

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