Tips for planning an office space downsizing

Usually, when someone decides to downsize office space, people think that the business is doing badly. That might be one option. But what others don’t think about is that, when you move to a smaller space or downsize the existing one, you actually increase your workers’ productivity, and most importantly, cut the costs. A mitigating circumstance is that nowadays you can easily find companies that will guide you through your relocation to a smaller space. Whatever the reason is, we’re here for you. We made you a list of tips for planning an office space downsizing.

Get organized

Think why you’re downsizing. Make a list of all the things that should be changed and that should go. Sometimes is cheaper to just find a new place than reconfiguring the existing one, however illogical that might sound. That’s why it’s important to make a plan.

Planning an office space downsizing

If you’re sticking with the idea of downsizing the existing space, here are some of the things you should pay attention to:

Define your and your employees’ needs

Get to know what exactly your employees do, and how you can adapt working space to their needs. Help them help you by making the most of the working space. Also, due to pandemics, most of the people got used to working from their homes. And why not leave it that way? After all, employees are equally if not even more productive when working from their homes. This will help you a lot if you’re planning an office space downsizing.

Four men in an office with a whiteboard planning an office space downsizing
Involve your employees in the downsizing process!

Start decluttering

Decluttering doesn’t have to be scary when you got some tricks up your sleeve. Firstly, make an inventory list. Name everything that you have in the office. Secondly, think about what you really need. If there is anything that should go. Old cabinets, big bulky things, old computers, desk phones, printers. Let go of everything that you don’t use regularly.

Use smaller energy-efficient devices and go paperless

Nowadays, desktop monitors are lightweight and equipped with flat-screen monitors that are only a few inches thick and usually come with compact hardware. They save energy, and, opposite to their small size, save a lot of data. So why not transfer as much of your paper documents as possible to digital format. Not only will it downsize your space, but you’ll get organized, and find everything you need more easily. Use the perks of the 21st century!

A pile of papers
Digitalize to save space and time

Find professionals 

Though you may organize everything by yourself, or with the help of your employees, you don’t have to do that. You’re already thinking of how to save space. Why not save your time and nerves too? Packing, moving, storing, are all the things that professionals can assist you with. You can relocate and store everything you don’t need, at a reasonable price, without even moving a finger. Well, maybe when you’re signing a contract.

Repurpose unused space if any

If planning an office downsizing, don’t forget any additional space. Many of the unused spaces, for common collaboration or similar, can actually be turned into private offices, zoom rooms, phone booths, etc. Or turn into something where your employees can have some privacy when needed.

Downsize like a pro

There are a lot of other ways of cutting the costs and reconfiguring when planning an office space downsizing. Here are just some that crossed our mind, and that could help you out.

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