Most popular Colorado cities among newcomers

If you’re thinking of moving to Colorado any time soon, whether it’s for business or pleasure, you should ask yourself one thing. What do you look for in a city? With amazing adventurous surroundings and nature, Colorado has a lot to offer. And a lot of cities to choose from. Since the internet is one of the best resources when it comes to planning your move, we thought to make you a list of the most popular Colorado cities for newcomers. Either way, you’re gonna look it up online, so we decided to narrow it down for you.

Switzerland of America

It got this nickname thanks to wonderful scenery and nature. Breathtaking mountains, colorful rivers, forests, canyons, and never-ending plains. Colorado is the second-growing state in America, due to its fantastic lifestyle, progressive policies, and abundance of outdoor activities. Still not sure if Colorado is the right choice for you? Here are some more reasons to help you prevail:

  • healthy lifestyle
  • more beer than you could taste in a lifetime
  • loose up citizens
  • one of the strongest economies in the country
  • many jobs opportunities
  • it’s a tax-friendly state
  • fantastic cities to live in

Colorado magic

It’s no wonder that there are so many people relocating here, and especially from Florida. Trading T-shirts for sweaters doesn’t seem to bother anyone, since there are a lot of things that compensate for a little chillier weather. So it’s got to be something good if you give up sunny weather that easily. It puts a spell on you. Joking aside, if you’re one of the Floridians thinking of relocating to Colorado, leave the Sunshine State stress-free with a little help from the licensed experts in that field.

And now, let’s get back to our list of the most popular Colorado cities. So here it is, as we promised.

Denver street artwork photo
Enjoy the state’s capital!

Most popular Colorado cities

Colorado’s cities are full of activities. Indoor, outdoor, whichever you like. With world-class museums, excellent restaurants, and entertainment scene, but also great outdoors that’s easily accessible, it’s almost too hard to pick only a few cities. But whether you’re looking for an urban vibe and vivid city, or an out-of-the-reach more rural environment, you’re gonna find it in Colorado. So let’s begin.


The capital of the country, located in the middle of the state. It is home to 716,000 people and is one of the most popular places to live in the country. It is declared the 5th fastest growing city in the nation. It is also the 4th fastest growing city speaking of the economy. A growing economy means more job opportunities. More job opportunities mean a bigger influx of people. And it’s not just business that attracts people.

The Mile High City is a true metropolis and offers many different things to do. There is good weather, great food and eateries, shops, museums, ease of access to the outdoors, and great skiing nearby. And let’s not forget the beer. Housing prices are also low and it’s near the airport, so you can go wherever you like.

Fort Collins

Located north of Denver, this city is home to around 165,000 people. What makes it stand out are low crime rates and the fact that it makes the Best places to live list, so as the Top 10 healthiest cities. And is also one of the best cities for adults, since it is home to Colorado State University. There are numerous high-tech companies offering jobs, and various outdoor activities: biking, hiking, swimming, camping, fishing, etc. Also, one more perk is that due to the inflow of people, buildings are mostly younger, but not necessarily more expensive to rent.

Two persons hiking in the mountains
There are numerous outdoor activities to enjoy

Castle Rock

About 30 minutes ride from Denver, this city is becoming more and more popular. Low home prices, safe neighborhoods & parks, and great quality of life are just some of the things its 62,000 residents enjoy. There is also the fact that you can easily get to Denver, which is great for people who want to live in a smaller town and work in a big one. That’s why newcomers from all over love it. So if you’re thinking of moving here, find all the tips and assistance on and prepare worry-free. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long-distance move or just a local move, you will be covered.


Also known as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, it is named the happiest city in America. Home to around 107,000 people and to the University of Colorado, the only bad thing about this city is its lack of space to expand. And a little higher housing prices due to that. But, it is a very vibrant city with a lot of cultures, art, food, and overall character. They say that in Boulder activities aren’t just hobbies. They’re a way of life.

Colorado Springs

The second most populous city in Colorado with a population of around 464,000. It is perfect for people of all ages – students, young professionals, and families. And especially for budget-minded nature-lovers. Low costs of living, beautiful parks. The best of both worlds. No wonder it got on our most popular Colorado cities list. Its high-tech sector offers great job opportunities and great wages. And, don’t forget the fact that it was rated 18th most affordable place to live in America. What more could one want?

A girl sitting in front of a laptop reading about the most popular Colorado cities.
Do your own research


Only a short drive to Denver and the Rocky Mountains, around 154,000 residents can experience an equal amount of indoor and outdoor adventures. Excellent schools, job opportunities, retailers, restaurants, and galleries are what attract newcomers. That, and the fact that 40% of its area is natural, so you’ll have the chance to enjoy endless greenery. Also, the unemployment rates are extremely low, so you won’t have a problem finding a job.

Can you choose just one?

We had a hard time trying to narrow it down to just the six most popular Colorado cities since there are so many fantastic cities. Hope it would be easier for you to choose than it was for us. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to make a moving plan and start packing.

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