From Denver to Yanbu – what to pack for a move to the Middle East

Moving from the US to Saudi Arabia can be quite an adventure. A move halfway around the world usually means a great change that you have to prepare for. It will also demand a long process of adaptation and getting used to your new surroundings. The change, culture, and religious shock and change can be overwhelming. But as you have decided to make the move you should prepare properly. So, if you are making the relocation from the US and Denver to Yanbu in Saudi Arabia there are things you should know. First of all, you should really know just what to pack for this relocation and how to prepare for the move.

About Yanbu

Yanbu is located 3 hours away from Jeddah. This is a small and quiet city on the shore of the Red Sea. The city has a long history as an important economic center. Today it is experiencing development and growth which is leading to population increase. Many ex-pats are choosing Yanbu as their final destination in SA. This trend is leading to high demand for the services Four Winds SA and other local movers can provide.

A Moscue on the shore of Red Sea
The Middle East and particularly SA has a particular charm

Preparing for the move

Well, a relocation from Denver to Yanbu demands a thorough preparation. It is far more than a simple packing job. It is advisable to do your research and prepare for the new surroundings. Keep in mind that moving from Denver to Yanbu will mean a big change in the climate. You should get to know Islam as it is a big factor influencing everyday life. Get your insurance and visa in advance. You should also budget your move and organize it in detail. So, define precise dates, the things you will be bringing along, the supplies you will need.  Your successful move will depend on the details you plan in advance.

However, keep in mind that your move will be expensive and that you have to budget it correctly. This means that you should bring with you only the necessary items. Bringing unnecessary items will make the move more expensive. Also, be sure that you might not need many of your belongings. Furnished apartments are common so make sure to put your furniture in storage. Try to bring only your memories and sentimental items rather than everything you own.

It is highly advisable to hire proper moving assistance for the job. Local professionals can provide a number of services that you might require after you relocate. Specialized teams can help you in any way and they can be invaluable in completing your move and settling in. Their involvement can help you settle in more easily and make your transition quicker.

What to pack and what to leave behind

Well since this is such a long distance to move you will have two options for transport. Usually, you will pack some of your belongings to bring with you by air transport. Your air shipment can comprise of:

  • computers and software
  • books
  • tool-kits, games
  • toys

    Packing wardrobe for moving From Denver to Yanbu
    Be careful of what you will bring with you halfway across the world.

Other items you can send by surface transport, by ship to your final destination. For this you can pack:

  • clothing
  • kitchen items
  • household items
  • appliances, etc.

So, your move from Denver to Yanbu can be a big change but it can also be an adventure. If you prepare well for the process of moving it can be a breeze. Keep in mind to find adequate professional help to assist you every step of the way.

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