Is there a way to relocate your plants abroad

Are you moving soon? You have probably already prepared most of your stuff, and now you are wondering what to do with your beloved plants. Sometimes when keeping plants for some time, they become part of the family. You water them. You make sure they grow properly. You trim them regularly, even add pretty vases to decorate them. So if you have invested years in your plants, there is no reason for you to just abandon them. You can relocate your plants abroad with the help of our tips.

Before the move

Of course, if you do not want all of them to bring you can gift them. Wrap them nicely and gift them to your friends as a farewell present. That can be nice, but if you want to bring them, there are ways to move your plants abroad. You know the saying “if there is a will, there is a way”.

flowers in a box

Flowers can be challenging for packing and moving.

Two ways to relocate your plants

First is the obvious way. You pack them and ship them off. The second is the hard way due to a lot of planning, preparation, and logistics. If you possess some exotic plants, you need to make sure that you can move them. Many countries have prohibition rules on some foreign plants. Also, make sure to declare any plants you have upon arrival if you are bringing them in your luggage.

The second way is to move just the plant cuttings. Then as soon as you arrive, you will be able to replant them and you will have the same plants in a few months depending on space. Growing new plants from cuttings of the old ones is called propagation. If you are not sure how to take the cuttings on your own, you can consult the experts.

What about the pots?

You probably will not be able to bring any hefty or breakable pots with you. Instead, the long-distance moving company will advise you to buy plastic light ones to put your plants before the move. This is to ensure their safety. But, after you relocate your plants abroad, you will invest in some new and pretty pots that will complement your new place and you will be satisfied. This will be like everybody is moving into a new place and as a result, you will have old plants that look upscale.

plants in pots

It will be easier for you to move your plants abroad without the pots.

How to pack the plants?

Another great question for your movers and local florist. Why florist? Well, they know a lot about moving sorts of plants as they do it often. Also, if you are wondering how to put your leafy friends in a box, just know that there are alternatives to moving boxes.

Some plants are easier to move like succulents and some are quite hard. For instance, you might want to consider easier ones to ship and harder ones to replant. This approach will allow you to relocate your plants abroad and save you some time and money too. And who doesn’t like to save some money?

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