What kind of moving boxes are the most eco-friendly

A ton of waste is filling landfills globally as we speak. And, unfortunately, 90% of that waste is not eco-friendly, that is, it is not degradable. However, the situation started to change over the past couple of years and more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. Recycling, buying more sustainable products, reusing items, staying away from plastics – are just some of the things being done by those who want to help save our planet. But, did you know that you can be good to the planet even when moving? How? By staying away from typical plastic products and replacing them with eco-friendly ones. Moving boxes can be eco-friendly too! Thus, if you want to know more about what kind of moving boxes are the ‘greenest’, keep on reading.

Cardboard Boxes

When you start organizing any type of relocation in Denver, o pretty much anywhere else in the world, you will find yourself looking for things to pack your belongings in. The internet and all the moving companies out there will give you several options – boxes, bins, crates, bags, etc. These come in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, they come made of many different materials. So, which one should you choose? Well, if you want your move to be eco-friendly, you should opt for cardboard moving boxes. They are great for your move, but even greater for the planet as they are easily recyclable and degradable.

Two people carrying moving boxes.
If you are on the search for eco-friendly moving boxes, go for cardboard ones.

Reusable Moving Boxes

However, eco-friendly moving boxes do not necessarily have to be made out of recyclable materials. They can also be made of plastic, wood, or even metal. But, what makes them eco-friendly is their reusability! You can cut down a lot of waste and work on saving the planet, by reusing the boxes you have in your home, instead of buying new ones. Thus, go through your attic, garage, basement, storage, or any either place you have a lot of items, and look for items that can serve as containers. Try to be creative when packing and you will be able to save a lot of money and cut down on a lot of waste.

A plastic container
Plastic containers can also be eco-friendly if you continue to reuse them.

Borrowed Boxes

Another great way to have an eco-friendly move is to use borrowed moving boxes, bins, and various containers. So, ask your neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family members if they have some boxes to spare. Reuse as much as you can – that is the point of being eco-friendly. Some of them must have some old containers and boxes they are not using. Moreover, if you had no luck, try looking for free or relatively cheap packing supplies in Denver in areas around storage facilities, moving companies, larger supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

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