Vets advise on how to prepare your pet for moving out of state

It’s important to prepare your pet for moving out of the state. This is equally important for your pet and for you. You don’t want to be unprepared on the border. So we have asked a vet for some advice in order to help you out with your upcoming relocation. Pets are equal family members and they should be treated as such so there are some things you can do to prepare them so they can feel fine during the move but there is also some paperwork that needs to be done before you go. Read on and you will be prepared after reading.

A trip to the vet is essential to prepare your pet for moving

Moving to another state is great, but before anything else, you need to go to see the vet. Make sure to get your pet’s full medical history. You will need to change the address on the microchip and maybe even a phone number. The vet will check your pet to see if your dog or a cat is in good shape and maybe even do some bloodwork if necessary. This is also important because sometimes to cross the border you need the paper from the vet saying that the animal is healthy. But it’s also good for you to know that about your pet.

veterinary sign
First of all, you need to see your trusted vet.


While you are there talk to the vet. Tell him (or her) where you are moving and ask what kind of documentation you need besides the regular ones like vaccination cards and pet passports. They will have the best insight into what kind of paperwork you will be needing and is quarantine necessary. Of course, we already mentioned that you will be needing a complete medical history

Making sure that your pet is comfortable

Since you are relocating you need to prepare your pet for moving and make sure he is comfortable along the way. If you are traveling in your car or van make sure to bring some cushion and towel so your dog or cat can sleep along the way. If your pet is in a cage that makes sure that the cage is fixed so the pet doesn’t tumble on the road a lot. Also, it’s important to bring food and water for your pet. If it’s a dog he might be needing some stops along the way to pee especially if it’s an older dog. Or you can simply hire professional movers among those listed at who offer pet relocation as an additional service and they will help you and your pet to be comfortable.

A woman and a cat
Make sure that your pet is comfortable on the road.

Long-distance relocation with your pet

For long-distance relocations especially if you are traveling somewhere other than in the USA you will need to know all about those countries’ laws for pets. Some will require quarantine. Others will need some additional paperwork. So the best way is to call the embassy and asked them. They will be the only reliable source.

A dog and a couple
If you are nervous about this relocation know that your pet only cares about being with you.

If you are traveling by airplane

Cats and small dogs can travel with you, but bigger dogs, reptiles, and such need to go with the cargo. So make sure to call the airline company and ask them about their rules and the additional fees you will be paying for your pet. They will tell you all the information you need.

Prepare your pet for moving – medications you can give them

Dogs are known to get car sick and there are plenty of meds that can help with that. We won’t be telling you which ones, your vet needs to prescribe them. Just know that if your dog has this problem, there is a solution. Cats really get car sick but they can too. The vets can give you some meds for the cat too. Rodents and reptiles just like fish don’t have that option. But people mostly own dogs and cats so at least they have the option to feel more comfortable

Professional movers

Relocations are almost never easy. There is so much to do. For example, you need to pack all your household belongings and secure them if you want them to get to your new place safely. There is also a lot of planning, logistics, and preparations. It’s only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed when it hits you. If you add pets or kids into that mix you get a lot of stress. That’s why people usually hire a professional mover to help them out. If you team up with specialists you can make this relocation stress-free. Since you are traveling with your pet or pets you need to find the ones that can offer you the additional service of pet relocation. But they can help with many other things along the way. For example, they can help you with packing. That can be quite convenient since no one likes this part of relocation.

Adaptation after relocation

When you get to your new home make sure to hire local movers to help you out with unpacking and settling in. You see the sooner you unpack the sooner you will begin your new life in your new house. It’s only natural to feel homesick but know that the same thing can happen to your pet. Especially if you have a dog or a cat. They get attached to their home, old bed, and such. If you brought with you the old toys that will help them adapt sooner. If you didn’t don’t worry, they will be happy since you are all still together and they will soon forget about your old place. It’s normal for the pets to eat and drink less in the first few days. they need to get used to new surroundings, new sounds, and smells. So give them some time, because you will also need some time for adjustment as well. Just be patient and everything will be just fine.

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