College student’s guide to moving from Denver to New York

The day has finally arrived. You’re going to college! And the best thing is – you’re going to college in NYC! Let’s get something straight, Denver is a beautiful city, but the Big Apple. That’s just something else. A dream come true. Big city, lots of restaurants, different people, different cultures and beautiful scenery. And mixed in one place you’re gonna call home for the next few years. Although you probably had it planned since you were like 12, starting from the move and to your first-day outfit, a little help with planning can’t hurt. After all, we want you to enjoy your college days to the fullest. So here’s a college student’s guide to moving from Denver to New York.

Location is the key!

First things first, you want to explore which part of NYC will suit your needs best. Because you don’t want your dream to become a nightmare, don’t you? And talking to millennials and young professionals, we concluded that the best part of the city is Manhattan. Away from the crowd, but still a part of the big city. And once you find the perfect location, you’ll realize that the relocation can be a piece of cake, with a little help from professionals. No stress included!

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Look online for information!

College student’s guide to moving from Denver to New York

Although you’re probably overly excited about going to NYC and taking advantage of all of the things this city has to offer, keep in mind that there are a lot of things to think about before moving. We tried to keep it simple and short, so we don’t take a lot of your precious time. Time to do some reading.

Make a plan

Everyone knows that a good plan is half of the work. Moving can be really exhausting and can take a lot of your time with all the sorting, packing, lifting, and transporting. That’s why it’s good to plan early. Or even better, find someone to help you with this ”bitter” part of the process.

Prepare your budget

One of the most important things in our guide to moving from Denver to New York. NYC is a very expensive city. We’re all aware of that. That’s why you should try to find a part-time job. Your parents will probably help you out and cover most of the expenses regarding college, but some extra cash won’t hurt. Why not treat yourself to going out to a fancy restaurant from time to time?

Find the apartment

Here are some things to pay attention to when looking for an apartment – location, size, price, and safety. You just make a list of your priorities and what you’re willing to give up on. And, as we said, this is a big city, so be ready to find a lot of small apartments to fit your budget. But don’t be scared if your new place doesn’t fit all of your stuff – storage services are at your disposal. You can always put your items in a safe place until you need them again.

NYC subway
Explore transportation!

Explore everything beforehand

The first thing you’ll want to explore is transportation. Look what’s the nearest transport to your place and your college. No one wants to spend a lot of time in traffic. Secondly, you’ll want to explore where are the hospitals, cafes, pharmacies, and stores nearby. You probably won’t need all of that at the start, but it’s good to know where everything is.

Enjoy your stay!

What are you waiting for? You can start by making a moving checklist and get going. We made you a guide to moving from Denver to New York, now it’s your time to apply everything you’ve learned from it!

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