Leaving Colorado for Pennsylvania: what to expect

Living in just one place your whole life is okay. But there are more and more people looking to change their living environment after some time. It is just that some people find certain places more suitable for them than the place where they are currently living in is. And that is completely okay. This is when people start researching more about other places. There has been a lot of people moving from Colorado lately. And plenty of them are leaving Colorado for Pennsylvania.

Colorado is a state located in central America whereas Pennsylvania is on the Eastern side. Why are so many people having such a long-distance relocation? Well, even though these two states are far apart, they do have some similarities. They are both beautiful states with lots of nature. Both have amazing big and small towns that are perfect for living and career building. There are different things to see and do here. If one of your options is Pennsylvania, here is where you can just what you can expect to have to face.

Relocation process

First off, let us start by telling you a little bit about the relocation process itself. This is a very long-distance move to have. These states are very far apart. This means that you cannot do this without some professional assistance. There are plenty of moving companies to consider hiring. One of them surely is superiormovinginc.com that offers long-distance moving services. This is a process that takes a lot of time but with the right assistance, it will be a breeze to handle

Truck driving.
Moving long-distance can be made easy with some professional moving assistance.

Moving out of your home as well as moving into your new Pennsylvania home is a physically challenging task. And since there are plenty of elderly people moving from Colorado, we have to mention that hiring different types of moving services is also possible. You can hire somebody to plan out the whole process if you are not the best with planning. And you can also have somebody do the packing for you. This doesn’t only go for long-distance moves but for local ones as well. So, even if you decide to relocate within Pennsylvania after some time, you can always reach out to teams in the area.

Pros and cons of moving to Pennsylvania

The best way for us to tell you what you can expect when leaving Colorado for Pennsylvania is for us to list you just some of the pros of moving there. Living in Colorado has its pros as well, don’t get us wrong. Both states are amazing places to live in. But in order for you to better understand whether moving to Pennsylvania is the right thing for you, you have to be familiar with some pros of living there. We will also make sure to mention some cons. No place on Earth has it all and can be called a perfect place to live in. There will always be something that is not right and that goes for Pennsylvania as well. But also bear in mind that moving to another state comes with certain benefits. Mostly mental.

pennsylvania nature.
Pennsylvania is not only an aesthetically beautiful place to live in.


Finances are very important. You need money to live comfortably as money is what can afford you plenty of things. Pennsylvania is not a very affordable state to live in when it comes to certain things. But it is a great place to live in when you look at the taxing system here. You will be thrilled to find out that The state sales tax doesn’t apply to every purchase you make. Pennsylvania’s tax of 6% is about average for the United States.

After moving to Pennsylvania, you won’t have to pay any sales taxes on the following few things:

  • amusement parks
  • parking lots
  • garages
  • recreational industry
  • food
  • clothing items
  • piercings and tattoos.

Many would consider this to be a strange list but it surely includes things you spend money on regularly such as food, parking, and clothes.

A multicultural place in the making

There are plenty of people living in Pennsylvania, 12,8 million to be more precise. Most of the people living here are white, a whopping 80%. Only 10% of people living in Pennsylvania are black. Only around 3% of people are Asian and the rest are all other races.

People in a city.
There are plenty of people living in Pennsylvania and most are very welcoming.

But these numbers are expected to change in the following few years. Plenty of people are now planning on moving to Pennsylvania. But even if that weren’t the case, racism is not a very common thing in Pennsylvania. Many people have disbelief that the places that are mostly populated by white people are places where racism is present. It might be the case in certain places but it surely doesn’t apply to Pennsylvania. This is a very welcoming state. So, no matter your race, you will surely feel like you are at home here! There might be some challenges you have to face after moving to Pennsylvania but not feeling welcome won’t be one.

Amazing location

Not only is the state beautiful but it is also located in the perfect location and we will tell you why. Pennsylvania is a small state. You won’t need a lot of time to travel through it and get to know it. The thing that makes it even more fun is the fact that you can easily and fastly get to other states as well no matter where in Pennsylvania you live in. This is perfect for those planning on starting a business as they will be able to spread their work further.

Pennsylvania is just two hours away from New York City, one of the biggest business centers in the world. This is a huge plus when you have a business. Baltimore is near as well and so are plenty of other amazing places that you can visit while living in Pennsylvania. New Jersey is also near which is just one of the places young people from Colorado are moving to. Leaving Colorado for Pennsylvania is not a bad idea at all when you consider the fact that you will be able to go to some places you might have dreamed of visiting.

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