Intuitive guide to moving from Denver to Seattle

Moving from Denver to Seattle surely must be a great adventure for you. Whether you are moving to raise a family there, to retire, or for a job, you will get a full new experience and that is always exciting. Also, Seattle is a very nice city, yes there is a lot of rain but luckily humans are not made from sugar so that is not as important as the great new experience you will be getting. Of course, relocations can get a bit tricky. That’s why we made sure to make a small and yet intuitive guide for you to help you out a bit with the process.

Where to start (decluttering)

Relocations are always exciting but sometimes people don’t know where to start. The best advice we have for you is before you start doing anything you declutter first. Chances are you have a lot of household items you no longer use, need, or want. That is completely natural. That’s why decluttering is so important. It will make packing later on much easier. But, also you won’t be relocating the things you don’t need to your new place. It’s like a fresh new start. After decluttering you can sort all your items and see what you can do with them. Some of them might be for recycling and some can be sold. That way you can earn a few bucks which is always nice. There are apps for selling online or you can make an old-school garage sale. It’s up to you of course. But don’t skip this step, it will make packing and unpacking later on much easier.

Packing clothes for moving from Denver to Seattle.
Decluttering is a very important part.

Preparing the kids for moving from Denver to Seattle

If you are moving with kids then you also need to prepare them for moving from Denver to Seattle. Of course, you don’t have to explain anything to babies and toddlers. They are very adaptable. As long as you stick to their schedule they will be fine wherever you go. The small ones are easier. School kids and teenagers can get difficult. But, it’s only a matter of leveling with them and treat them like an even member of the family. Explain why you need to relocate but also show them all the benefits of moving to Seattle. Maybe even find some cool things you can do or visit there so they have something to look forward to and get excited. If you have pets you need to prepare them as well.

Packing for moving from Denver to Seattle

Packing (and unpacking) is the most boring part of every relocation. Simply because you have a lot of household items and all of them need to be packed separately and also it needs to be done right. There is a long road ahead of you, all your beloved household items need to stay safe until reaching the new destination. You can also hire professional movers to help you with packing. That will speed up the process a lot and it will be less hassle for you. In case you notice (while packing) that you simply don’t have enough space in your new home for everything you should consider storage. Self-storage is actually a good way to do it – you can simply find adequate units in this area and hire movers to relocate all the items that need storing.

Moving apps

Nowadays there is an app for just about anything you can think of. Luckily most of them are free. You can simply download them to your smartphone and they will help you and guide you through the process of relocation. Most of them have checklists to help you remember everything, reminders, some of them can even help you with hiring movers. They are all different and yet quite similar. So, check them out in your play store or app store and see which one works the best for you and your needs. There are a lot of things you can get for free if you do a little research.

working and planning
Apps can be very helpful.

Hiring professional movers to help you with relocation

Hiring movers is a good option if you have plans for moving from Denver to Seattle. There is a long road ahead of you and you want this to be the best moving experience and not a hassle. Movers can do that for you. But, they can do so much more. They can help with many aspects of relocation for example packing and unpacking. Some of them can help with furniture assembly after the relocation. They can also help with storage. When it comes to Seattle, we recommend for all the household items you need to store for some period of time.

Moving day

This is a day when it hits you – you are moving from Denver to Seattle and starting your new life (maybe even a job) there. It’s ok to feel a bit overwhelmed. Everybody does. If you are feeling stressed out – we suggest downloading some calming app to help you relax. One other thing that will help you feel better is your “to-go bag”. This is a bag containing the necessities for the road so you don’t have to search for them inside the moving boxes. What you might need there is :

  • necessary documents
  • keys
  • medications
  • food and snacks
  • drinks (water and such)
  • wet wipes
  • extra set of clothes
  • face mask in case you need to stop and go somewhere
  • gel sanitizer

Those are just some of the basics, pack whatever you think might be useful for this road.

A pile of cardboard boxes being loaded onto a moving truck before moving from Denver to Seattle.
Leave the heavy lifting to professionals and you deal with other important things.

Settling in Seattle

As soon as you unpack you can start your new life here so unpacking is your first task. You can’t do anything before you clear the way and get rid of all those ugly moving boxes. If you think it might be too much work for you – simply hire local movers to help you with settling in. As soon as you are done you can start by getting to know your new neighbors and of course neighborhood. Good luck and a safe trip!

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