Don’t forget to pet-proof these places in your new home

When you move into your new home with your pets. You will need to dog-proof or cat-proof it, especially if they are still small. However, you might not get all the spots. We are here to help you completely protect your home from claws and teeth. So don’t forget to pet-proof these places in your new home.

​Don’t forget to pet-proof your kitchen

The kitchen is the main spot in your house you should pet-proof. To prevent your pets from making get all of the food on the counter and tables. Dogs won’t jump on kitchen counters, but cats will. Another spot you should pet-proof is are your cupboards because curious kittens and puppies might open them make a mess out of your pots and pans. To secure your cupboards – use child locks. And the main things, out all sharp objects away. By pet-proofing your kitchen, you will prevent damage, and this will be beneficial when you decide to sell. When finally sell, look for a reliable moving company.

a white kitchen
Because of the food kitchen needs extra care

​Getting the living room safe for your pets

So you won’t have to move to another state because of how badly your living rooms were damaged by your pets, here is what to do:

  • You do not want your pet escaping through the windows to avoid that keep your windows closed. This will be especially bad if your pets are indoor pets and do not know how to handle going outside.

  • Secure your cables so that your pets won’t gnaw on them.

  • And don’t forget to pet-proof your outlets you can do it easily by purchasing outlet caps.

​Don’t forget to pet-proof your bathroom

Bathrooms are fairly easy to pet-proof. Put on high places any substances that might be hazardous, for them like laundry detergents. And to prevent your dog from having bad breath, make sure to put your toilet seat down. We don’t know why but they love drinking that stuff even though they have a bowl full of clean water.

a white bathroom
Pet-proof your bathroom by putting dangerous chemicals away

​The garage

When it comes to garages, you should prevent your pets from going in there because they are a land mind. Many tools and dangerous substances are lying around. Make sure to keep your garage door locked if you are not in your home.

​Don’t forget to pet-proof your laundry room

Laundry rooms are not difficult to pet-proof. To keep your pets safe, you only have to remember to close the doors to the washer and drier. This can save you a lot of time on cleaning the drier and washer from pet hairs. Pets love sleeping inside washers and driers, and they can leave a lot of hairs. To keep your washer and drier hairless, close the doors.


Pet-proof these places in your new home but don’t forget to pet-proof between them as well. Sometimes you do not want your pet bothering you, and the best way to prevent that is to invest in baby gates. With baby gates, you can set boundaries for your pets, and this is another way to protect your property.

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