Smart packing tips for a family move from California to Colorado

Leaving Cali for Colorado is exciting, and there are many benefits of moving to another state. However, before you can get all the benefits of moving to a different place, you need to get there. And moving can be tiresome and especially packing. To help you, we have smart packing tips for a family move from California to Colorado.

​First on our list of smart packing tips is to make a list of your household belongings

Writing down all of your items before you start packing will help you in the long run. It will prevent you from forgetting your household items. In addition, you will be able to estimate how much moving supplies you will need and what type of moving supplies. You will need different moving supplies to relocate your plants and to move your furniture.

a person writing in a note book before apllying some packing tips
A list will help with buying moving supplies

​Buying materials

When your household inventory is completed you can look for packing supplies:

  • To pack up your Cali home successfully, you will need to acquire suitable packing material the first on your list should be moving boxes. Getting them from a reliable moving company will save you time. You won’t have to look for them on the internet or in your local stores.

  • Get durable tape to hold our boxes together during the relocation.

  • Get as many wrapping materials as you can – packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, use old blankets.

​The third tip on our list of smart packing tips for a family move from California to Colorado is how to pack

In this part of the article, we are going to talk about how to pack and what rooms to pack first, and what last.

Use smaller boxes for heavier and fragile things. For example glasses(fragile) or books(heavier). If you match the size of the box with the item’s size you will be saving space. Uses medium-sized boxes for clothes, lamp bases, and different electronics. In the biggest boxes, put items that can not break because they are hard to secure.

The first room you should pack is your living room because you do not need to use it. Then your kitchen, but do not pack everything. Leave some items that you use daily. The last rooms should be the bedroom and the bathroom. You will be using them until you start your relocation. If things are tedious, you can always turn to experts, a reliable moving company that will provide phenomenal packing services. They will pack up your household items fast and secure them so that they can survive the relocation to Colorado.

Various personal possesions
If you go slow you won’t lose items


These are our smart packing tips for a family move from California to Colorado. We hope they help you. Before hiring movers, find out about things every reliable moving company will have on their website. Good luck!

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