Relocating During Covid-19? The 3 steps to keeping everyone safe

As much of our normality changes as a result of life during the COVID-19 crisis, relocation is still taking place. Whatever the reason for moving, Americans are doing it in mass, so it is time to discuss how to do perform packing for the move and the move itself with as little risk and frustration as possible. Relocating during Covid-19 can be done, with proper and timely preparation.

First, consider who is moving and why?

One group to consider is the American workforce. According to a recent Gallup Poll, the percentage of employed adults who said they worked from home because of concern over COVID-19 rose from 31% in mid-March to 62% in mid-April, which means there is flexibility in where they can live. People who traditionally choose to live in busy cities to be closer to their places of work are now free to move to less expensive suburban areas, with nearly seven in ten workers doing their jobs from home.

A mover with facemask stands near a van.
With so many people affected by Covid-19, we must take the pandemic and safety protocols seriously.

Additionally, new trends, including co-buying, have begun to be a popular go-to for many people who are suffering job loss or downsizing. “Thousands of people are choosing to join resources and rent or even co-buy property,” said Leena Bella Mayo, Founder of

She continues, co-habitation and co-buying are a logical response to the affordability crisis. According to Ms. Mayo, 30% of working adults in the US live with a roommate, and that number goes up when we consider cities like LA and NY, where it is 45% and 40% percent, respectfully.

Take relocating during Covid-19 and safety seriously!

Here is a must-follow 3-step moving process!

1. Clean and disinfect

Have disinfectants nearby at all times and regularly wash your hands. When it comes to moving supplies, this is not the right time to use recycled materials. You can buy new boxes, as there’s less chance of virus transmission. Also, when relocating during Covid-19, make sure to clean your old home thoroughly before the movers arrive and the new house before you start your new life there. It’s essential to take special care of high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, light switches, etc.

2. Deal with movers while respecting the no-contact policy

Your first dilemma is likely whether you should hire a moving company or not. Make a list of everything you need to do and determine if you can handle it all on your own or you would be better off hiring professionals. If you conclude that the latter is the right option for you, there are ways to stay safe and get professional help.

The primary goal is to find a company that follows the pandemic protocols. Of course, this doesn’t exclude the fact that the movers should be well-rated and offer affordable prices. Although the moving crew will likely bring all the disinfectants with them, it’s better to be safe and provide some for them.

A man loading a moving truck
The right company will ensure you stay safe while relocating during Covid-19 all the while helping you avoid other types of problems.

Moreover, it’s necessary to keep all the doors open, so they don’t have to touch all the doorknobs. While the movers carry the boxes, keep your distance by waiting outside or on the balcony, and make sure you are wearing a mask. The same goes for when they arrive at your new home.

3. Prepare well to ensure the painless relocation during the pandemic

The whole relocation process during the pandemic will require more detailed planning than in normal circumstances. The goal is to get in contact with as few people as possible. Firstly, try to buy all the moving supplies in one go. To accomplish this, you will have to make a precise list of everything you will need and always add some more, just in case. Then, if you’re renting a van or a truck, check if there’s a no-contact option available.

For example, you can sign in via cellphone and pick up the keys from a slot. Using gloves is highly recommended here. Next, you need to open the doors to let the fresh air in. Also, wipe and disinfect the steering wheel and all the other high-touch surfaces.

Don’t forget about packing

When packing your belongings, having an essentials bag you’re going to keep by your side is always useful. But now that you’re moving during the pandemic, its contents will be a bit different. A change of clothes, a bedsheet and pillowcase, and any other things you’ll need for the first couple of days are the typical contents of the essentials bag.

However, now you will have to add some more supplies. For starters, it should contain alcohol and other disinfectants, as well as a couple of pairs of gloves and masks. You also need to pack soap, some water, cleaning supplies. Feeling overwhelmed due to the pandemic is expected and may cause you to forget some other necessary items.

A man driving and relocating during Covid-19
Keep appropriate distance when movers arrive at your new home and wear a facemask.

For example, besides the bottle of alcohol, you need to include your phone charger and documents in your essentials bag.  It will help you feel more confident if you do your best to inform yourself well. Numerous blogs and videos can provide you with an abundance of useful information about the packing and moving process in general, as well as keeping you safe.

It’s not over after you move in

When all of your boxes have been delivered, ask the movers to unload them in a garage or another room you will not use for the time being. The virus can remain on the surface of the cardboard anywhere from several hours to a few days. Therefore, it would be best not to open them for a couple of days. This is where your essentials bag comes in handy. Spray it, wipe it, and then use the items you’ve packed for the first couple of days.

If you live with roommates, it would be best to quarantine away from them for two weeks. Unless you have been tested for Covid-19 and received a negative result, it would be considerate of you not to expose your roommates, especially if they have health problems.

After the move

Now that you are done relocating during Covid-19, you should continue making the right COVID-19 moves. You can still explore the new neighborhood, but wear a mask while walking around and talking to people. Remember to keep your distance from your neighbors when you meet them for the first time. Hopefully, in time, you’ll be able to socialize with them while respecting preventive measures.

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