Organize a move from Colorado to California like a pro in 5 easy steps

Leaving Colorado for California will create a significant difference in your life. California will be a cultural shock for you. There are many diverse communities, cuisines, and people. In addition, if you like to spend time outside, the weather is always on your side. You will be able to enjoy a sunny day on California beaches. To get there, we are here to help you organize a move from Colorado to California. We have five steps you should follow.

To organize a move from Colorado to California, you need a plan

If you are organizing anything, no matter how simple it is, you will need a plan. The same applies to your move to California. Here are some things to think about when planning your relocation to Cali:

To organize a move from Colorado to California, you need a moving company. Moving companies offer different services that will aid your relocation. They can help you plan and explain each part of the move to California. So if you want a stress-free relocation, engage professionals when settling in – local California movers can help you out. Whatever your moving needs are, they can help with them.

The second thing you should think about when planning is moving supplies.

The third thing to consider is how to pack your household items to survive the relocation from Colorado to California.

Finally, how and when are you going to unpack your items. 

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Writing a plan will help you organize your move to California faster and lower stress.

The second step is finding the right movers to relocate you to California

Finding the right movers to get you to Cali is not hard, but it will take some time. The fastest way to find movers for a California relocation is to ask your friends for recommendations. If you have no luck with that, read the reviews on their sites and social media pages and try hiring local California movers because they know the area.

When you have narrow the list of moving companies, call them. Ask questions about the price, if they have smart packing tips, really anything you are concerned about during the moving process.

To organize a move from Colorado to California, you need packing materials

With packing supplies, you have two options. You can save money on them or pay the top price we recommend mixing. Mixing means getting used boxes for belongings that won’t break during the move and are not expensive and purchasing high-quality packing materials for fragile and valuable items. And if you care about the environment, you can get eco-friendly moving boxes.

The fourth step to getting to California is packing

Packing your items to leave for Colorado can be an arduous task if you have to do it on short notice. However, it does not matter if you are in a hurry to pack if you follow these two tips:

  • The first tip to get to Cali safe is to pack the heavy items first in the box.
  • The second tip is to pack items in order of importance. The belongings you use the least first and the one you use most in Colorado last. You can also ask for help from Good Neighbors Moving Company. Their professionals pack your household items fast and safely.
a woman in front of moving boxes
To organize a move from Colorado to California, you need to pack like a pro.


When you want to organize a move from Colorado to California, unpacking is the easiest part. You can do it slowly on your own time or let pros handle it. Good luck with your move!


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