5 things Californians don’t have to pack when moving to Colorado

If you are moving from The Golden State to the Switzerland of America, you need to prepare well. By knowing what are five things Californians don’t have to pack when moving to Colorado you will be able to easily organize a smooth relocation to one of the most popular Colorado cities.

Why move to Colorado?

In general, moving to a different state has a lot of benefits. If you are still considering where to settle, Colorado might be a perfect state for you. From breathtaking scenery to vibrant cities, Colorado has something to offer for everyone.

A view of lake surrounded by mountains in Colorado
Colorado is most famous for its stunning scenery and breathtaking views. It’s no wonder it’s called the Switzerland of America.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should make Colorado your new home:

  • People in Colorado lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Colorado’s economy is one of the strongest in the entire US.
  • It’s a tax-friendly state. 
  • You can live like you’re on vacation. 
  • Plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Moving from California to Colorado

Moving from California to Colorado can be quite a challenge and cause you a lot of headaches. The experienced team from Mod Movers let us in on a secret and advised that the key to having a successful and stress-free move lies in getting a head start and planning in advance.

First, you need to determine your budget and find out how much you can spend on your relocation. To make things that much easier, make sure to pack smart. Simply sorting the things and properly labeling the boxes should do the trick. Lastly, make sure to hire reputable and experienced movers. As you’re in for an interstate move, you need to make sure your belongings are being transferred safely.

What are the things Californians don’t have to pack when moving to Colorado?

Besides their names starting with the same letter, California and Colorado don’t have much in common. For that reason, you have to be mindful when packing and know exactly what not to bring with you. You maybe think you should bring those things just in case. However, have in mind that if you pack lightly, you can make your low-budget move from California to Colorado even cheaper.

Switch party outfits with sports equipment

California, especially San Francisco, is known for great parties. Even though universities in Colorado have reputations of being party schools, that’s not really the case. Don’t get us wrong, people in Colorado do enjoy a party now and then but not as much in California.

A woman hiking on a mountain in Colorado
If you enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities, you’ll love Colorado as it’s known for majestic mountains and breathtaking scenery. You won’t need a party dress for where you’re going.

Coloradans appreciate a healthy lifestyle and are more likely to be found hiking or riding a bike than sipping cocktails. In that case, you’re better of buying and bringing mountain gear with you.

Sell your car

Although your car is not something that you can pack it’s also something you pretty much won’t have to use in Colorado. You can pretty much forget about the awful traffic and congestion you experience on a daily basis in California. Mass transit is often much faster than driving on your own in Colorado. Therefore, it makes sense to sell your car in California and switch to public transportation.

Even though Colorado is a large state, its residents have an abundance of options when it comes to public transportation. One of the most favorite ways of transport is a light rail system but there is an option to travel by bus, too. There is even a train to plane connection that easily brings residents to the Denver Airport which can make traveling to your vacation destination that much easier.

Beachwear is one of the things Californians don’t have to pack when moving to Colorado

Given that the closest beach is over a thousand miles away from Colorado, beachwear is the last thing you should consider packing. But don’t let the lack of beaches disappoint you as Colorado has some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world.

So as soon as experienced movers help you have a stress-free move from California to Colorado and reach the state safely, it’s time to start exploring what this gorgeous state has to offer. Make sure not to miss out on visiting Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve and Rocky Mountain National Park. You will fall in love with these places.

Don’t stock on your favorite beer

If you are a beer fan and have a favorite in California you might want to stock up and bring some with you. But you’ll probably change your mind when you find out about beer culture in Colorado. Colorado is literally a paradise for beer lovers.

With over 400 established breweries, Colorado is home to the fourth most breweries per capita in the U.S. But it’s not just quantity that counts – as soon as you try beer from either notable craft beer breweries or local microbreweries, you’ll forget all about the Californian brew.

Forget your surfing board

Besides beachwear, a surfing board is another thing to leave behind in California. As the ocean is all but close, you won’t get an opportunity to ride wawes as much as you might have used to.

Surf board is one of things Californians don't have to pack when moving to Colorado
If you used to surf regularly in California, have in mind that you won’t have the opportunity to do so in Colorado. A surfboard is definitely one of the things Californians don’t have to pack when moving to Colorado.

Instead, get a new pair of skis and have fun on some of Colorado’s most beautiful slopes. Towns like Aspen, Breckinridge, Telluride, and Vail are perfect for ski enthusiasts. If you are not a big ski fan, there are plenty of other activities you can try. They include snowshoeing, snowboarding hot-air ballooning, fishing, and many more.

The bottom line

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of things Californians don’t have to pack when moving to Colorado. We wish you the best of luck with your move and we’re certain you’ll fall in love with everything Colorado has to offer.


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