Top 5 study abroad destinations among American students

Even though there are plenty of amazing studying destinations in the United States, plenty of students decide to study abroad. The reasons for this are various, so students say. Some of them move to other countries in order to learn a new language. There are some who just want a different studying experience than the one in the United States. Others find foreign Universities and Colleges to be a far better option both when it comes to how much you learn and how much you have to pay for your studies. No matter what your reason for studying abroad is, we believe it is a great idea even though it can be very stressful. You will certainly learn a lot from the whole experience. But this article is here to tell just what are the top 5 study abroad destinations among American students.

United Kingdom

The language barrier proposes a lot of issues for American students which is why the first out of five abroad destinations among American students is the United Kingdom. This is an English-speaking territory which makes studying abroad much easier as you don’t have to learn a new language. If you decide to relocate to the UK in order to get educated, Transparent International can assist with the transportation of your belongings from point A to point B.

There are lots of amazing Universities in London.


If you do not have a problem with learning a new language, Italy is for you. Italian is very easy to learn which is why most students need just a couple of months to get a hang of it. This makes studying abroad easier. Plus, Italy has some of the best Universities in Europe which are hundreds of years old. Italy is the best destination for those who want to study arts or history.

Moving to Italy from the States will not be an easy task. It is a long way to go which means that relocation is going to be challenging. This is why you have many useful options when it comes to international relocation assistance.


The French language is one of the hardest to learn but there are lots of International Universities in France. This is because they know just how hard earning French is. But if you will be studying there, learning the language will come in handy so don’t avoid that step.

A lot of young people dream of living in France.


If you want to get an amazing education for not a lot of money, Austria is one of the top five study abroad destinations among American students. The quality of the education you get is far better than the price you are paying to get it. Austria, in general, is not so expensive which makes it a perfect place for students. But if Austria sounds too far, moving to another state has these benefits as well.


Last but certainly not least is Japan. Getting a chance to study in Japan is rare but there are plenty of American students living and studying there despite that. Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we believe that if you get a chance to study there you should definitely not miss it.

That would be our list of top study abroad destinations among American students. Make sure you relocate safely during the Covid-19 pandemic and we wish you all the best in your future education.

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