Preparation tips for Denver to Seattle family relocation

If you are preparing for Denver to Seattle family relocation, we have prepared some great tips for you. Being prepared and having the time to do so is the key to any stress-free relocation. People will often tell you that moving with kids is a nightmare. But the reality is – they were not prepared for it. There is no need for any relocation to be hard on you. You just need to prepare and find adequate help. Sometimes calling professionals to help you can change the moving game completely. Especially when you have kids to take care of instead of packing. But, first things first.

Find help wherever you can

Your phone can be a very useful device right now. If you have a smartphone it’s like having a small perfectly organized assistant that happens to fit in your pocket. But all jokes aside your phone or the apps on it can help you to prepare for your relocation. Go to the app store or play store or whatever it’s called on your phone and search for moving apps. They can be of great help now. Most of them are free to use so when you are just hanging out doing nothing check your phone and find some good moving apps that can help you in your upcoming Denver to Seattle family relocation.

A person checking out apps on an iPhone
Your smartphone can be of great help when it comes to moving preparations.

Prepare you and the kids for your Denver to Seattle family relocation

Find out everything there is to know about Seattle before moving there. It will be less of a shock when you arrive that way. Research the weather too and bring an umbrella! Also, it’s important to prepare kids for this relocation. Babies and toddlers usually don’t care about relocations but bigger kids too. Make sure to explain to them the reason for your move but mostly focus on all the amazing things you just learned about Seattle. If you include them in the packing process they might feel more responsible, adult, and simply in charge.

Before you start packing

There is one thing you can do that will make packing much easier. You guessed it – we are talking about decluttering. This is something that people usually do once a year (like a spring cleaning) and that’s it. But now is the perfect time for it. If you do declutter now you will avoid bringing unuseful items to your new home in Seattle.

Packing tips for your Denver to Seattle family relocation

You can leave packing to reliable professional movers like Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage are or you can do it on your own. We have a few tips for you if you plan to do it on your own. Just some advice to make packing easier :

  • gather all moving supplies you have at home to see what else do you need to buy
  • buy bubble wrap for fragile items
  • instead of buying cardboard moving boxes consider renting plastic bins instead
  • make checklists as you pack
  • find a system for labeling boxes to make unpacking easier
  • pack by room
  • start packing from the most fragile items
packing for Denver to Seattle family relocation
Include your kids in packing (if they are old enough). They can fold clothes for example.

The access items

Sometimes it just so happen that our new place is smaller than the old one. In that case, it can happen that you have simply too much stuff for your new home. But that’s not a problem. You can always put your belongings in a unit somewhere near you. All your household items will be safe and sound there.

Moving day

This can be the most hectic day of all unless you are prepared. But if you did all the hard work and took your time chances are you will be just fine. The most important thing today is to not forget anything important since you are going away. People often forget important keys like documents, keys, meds, and such. This day is simply a lot to handle and accidents like that tend to happen. But if you set reminders on one of the moving apps you downloaded chances are you won’t forget anything. Also, remember to pack one bag especially for the road. It should contain all the necessities you and your family will need along the way. Stuff like a spare set of clothes, food, and drinks but also meds and such. You will know best what you need.

Settling in after your Denver to Seattle family relocation

This is the last thing you need to do before you start your new life in Seattle. If you are too tired locals can always jump in. Professional movers can be of great help when it comes to unpacking and settling in. The sooner you are done with this the sooner you will be able to start your new life in Seattle. You can also start furnishing and decorating your new place. Include the kids in this as well. They also need to adjust to your new home. Maybe this will help. If you feel homesick at the beginning know that it’s perfectly normal and it will pass over time.

Seattle view
As soon as you are done with unpacking and settling in you can explore Seattle.

Just relax and everything will be fine

We hope that we helped you a bit when it comes to preparing for your Denver to Seattle relocation. The most important thing we have to tell you is that you should take some time during those days of preparation to relax too. Make sure to sleep as well. That way you will feel less stressed out. Also hiring professional movers will make you feel much better since they will be doing all the hard work for you. Use all the advantages you have and get every possible help. That way you and your family will have a great moving experience – which is the most important of all.

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