Best neighborhoods in Denver for foreign home-buyers 

If you are a foreigner looking to move to the United States, it can be a challenging decision to make. The decision to move to America can be even more difficult if you are from a country like Kuwait – where the cultural differences are enormous. In addition, there are too many attractive locations to choose from, but you can only pick one. We at Pro Denver Movers believe you will not make a mistake if you decide to move to Denver. To make your relocation less demanding, we have for you a list of the best neighborhoods in Denver for foreign home-buyers. Let’s begin!

One of the best neighborhoods in Denver for foreign home-buyers is Hilltop  

First on our list of neighborhoods suited for foreigners in Denver is Hilltop. Let’s see what this neighborhood can open foreigners coming to Denver, Colorado. 

Hilltop is in east Denver, and about 10,000 people live in the neighborhood. The neighborhood got its name because of its high elevation compared to the other communities near it. Hilltop is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Denver, the development of Hilltop started in the 1940s. But you will be happy to hear that Denver’s government demolished those old houses and built new ones. So if you were to move away from Kuwait and buy a place in Hilltop, you would be moving into a new home. And to perform an international relocation from Kuwait to Denver, you need to find the best people for this. Make sure to learn how to spot bad movers from reliable ones. 

white house and a green lawn
One of the best neighborhoods in Denver is Hilltop because you can buy newly built homes.

However, because the homes in Hilltop are new, the houses are costly. The median price for a home in Hilltop is around 1,3-million dollars. 

The benefits of Hilltop 

  • The first benefit of one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for foreign home-buyers is the household income. Since Hilltop is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Denver, the residents earn a lot. Median household income is around 160,000-dollars, and individual median income is around 75,000-dollars. Both numbers are higher than the American average. 
  • The second benefit of Hilltop is that you will be closer to the city and reap all the benefits of a suburban lifestyle.
  • The crime rate is low in Hilltop, and if there are any problems, there is security to handle it.
  • If you decide to start a family, there are reliable schools in the neighborhood. One of the best is Cherry Creek High School.
  • Finally, there are plenty of parks to get some cardio in. The park that stands out is Cranmer Park. 
a person holding a fan of dollar bills
If you buy a home in Hilltop, you will get a chance to find a well-paying job in Denver.

Best neighborhoods in Denver for foreign home-buyers – Capitol Hill 

The second community in Denver suitable for foreigners looking to buy a house is Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is in the center of Denver, and it is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Denver. About 15,000 people live on about 0.6 sq. miles. 

Choose Capitol Hill if you want to be around young people since the median age is 32. The cost of real estate is drastically lower compared to Hilltop. The median home cost in Capitol Hill is around 330,00-dollars, which is a million lower than the price in Hilltop. But you will also earn less if you live in Capitol Hill since the median individual income is around 45,000-dollars. The median home income is around 57,000-dollars, but the number is low because there are not many families in Capitol Hill. 

To get around Capitol Hill, you will not need a car. The neighborhood is remarkably walkable, which means you can get anywhere on foot or by riding a bike. In addition, if you are in a hurry and can not walk or ride a bike, you can use public transport. 

two women walking
Capitol Hill is the most walkable community on this list, you can get everywhere on foot.

You will have plenty of places to go if you buy a home in Capitol Hill. There are many restaurants in Capitol Hill. For example, if you are looking for Italian food, there is Luca, and for French cuisine, you will not make a mistake if you eat in Mizuna. Besides restaurants, you can find stores, bars, cafes, and many more amenities. As you can see, Capitol has plenty to offer, and when you come here, rely on local Denver movers to assist you with the moving in process. 

Best neighborhoods in Denver for foreign home-buyers – Sloan Lake 

The final entry in our article is Sloan Lake. Sloan Lake is a neighborhood in northwest Denver, and about 8,000 people live there. The median age in Sloan Lake is about 37 years old. So if you buy here, you would be in a relatively young community. 

When it comes to the cost of real estate, Sloan Lake is in between Hilltop and Capitol Hill. The median home cost in Sloan lake is about 800,000-dollars. About 60% of people own their homes in this neighborhood and the other 40% rent. People’s salaries in Sloan Lake are about the same as in Capitol Hill. The median individual income is approximately 57,000-dollars, while the median home income is about 87,000-dollars. We should mention that the difference in median home income between Capitol Hill and Sloan Lake is because there are more family homes in Sloan Lake per capita.

When it comes to recreation, you can walk in Sloan Lake Park or eat in one of the many restaurants. The most popular places are Odell Brewing Sloan’s Lake Brewhouse & Pizzeria and Rise & Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe. 

So leave Kuwait with the help of and come to Sloan Lake to experience Denver to the fullest. Their experts will handle your overseas relocation and get you into Denver in no time. 


We hope that our list of the best neighborhoods in Denver for foreign home buyers helps you find the best place for your needs. And remember to compare movers when looking to find someone to help you relocate. Good luck! 


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