Tips for families moving from California to Colorado

Lots of families have started leaving California over the last few years. Some relocate because they cannot handle how expensive California is and how that makes life more difficult. There are plenty of families moving for safety reasons as California is not the safest state to live in. A lot of natural disasters happen in Califonria and experts are predicting more in the future. Lots of families are moving from California to Colorado in the search of better surroundings. There are many reasons to move from California to Colorado with your family if you are searching for a better environment to live in. But this is a long-distance interstate relocation. These are not easy to handle. This is why we have decided to write an article with all the tips you need to know if moving from California to Colorado with your family.

Hire a moving company on time

As we already said, this is a long-distance interstate move and it won’t be easy if you decide to do everything by yourself. Some things you shouldn’t even be doing yourself if you want to have a stress-free move from California to Colorado. One thing we can tell you for certain is that experts can make it stress-free. Hiring a professional moving company for your upcoming move is the best way to make relocation fast and easy.

Illustration of a person moving a home.
Moving is not an easy task which is why we suggest hiring moving assistance.

But you need to have one thing in mind. If you want to hire a reliable moving company with enough experience to handle this relocation of yours professionally, you need to hire your movers on time. Most well-known professional California-based moving companies such as are booked for weeks in advance. This is why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. 

And if you do so by any chance or you are moving on short notice, you might have to hire a company with not so much experience. And if you end up having to do so, we advise you do lots of research on the company before actually hiring them. There are lots of unreliable Californian moving companies and it is very easy to believe false information. Luckily, people write reviews of their experiences with moving companies online and they are very easy to find.

Plan your relocation process

You not only need to have professional assistance to make relocation easy but you also need to have a moving plan in order for it to be even more leisurely. The best way to create a moving plan is to get a notebook where you will write all the information regarding your California to Colorado relocation. But, as you are moving with a family, you want this plan of yours to be available to everyone who is moving with you. This is why having an app on your smartphone or a document that you can share with them easily is a much better solution in this instance.

Planning a move.
You should make a moving plan as well as your moving budget.

Your plan should be as detailed as possible. It must contain information about your moving budget as well. Planning your budget in advance is the best way to avoid financial issues that might occur after an interstate relocation. Moving from one state to another is not very affordable when you gather up all the expenses that you need to cover. You can organize a low-budget move from California to Colorado easily but you need to read tips on how to do that as well.

You have to cover the moving company expense, for example, and buy packing supplies. If you are selling your home or buying one in Colorado, it also adds more expenses to the list. This is why you definitely need to sit and calculate all the expenses you will have and make sure you have enough money to cover them.

Pack up correctly

Just throwing your belongings into boxes is an efficient but not a good way to pack up your household. You should definitely give yourself enough time to do the packing slowly and nicely. Especially as you are moving from California to Colorado, two states not so close to each other. This means your things will have to travel a long way. This is why packing everything up nicely so that it doesn’t get broken or damaged is important.

If you do not have enough time to pack up, hiring additional moving services such as packing services is always a possibility. You can also simplify the transfer of your appliances by hiring movers. There are plenty of different services moving companies offer which is why hiring them is always the best way to make moving with a family easy.

Stacked cardboard boxes.
Get your packing supplies and start packing on time. Packing can be a long process.

Find out which paperwork you need to have

Moving from California to Colorado means that you certainly need to get some paperwork done. You need to transfer your drivers’ license, change your address, cancel any subscriptions that you might have, get the FMCSA which is an interstate moving license, make your inventory list, and gather plenty of other documents. All of this is needed in order for you to be able to relocate and start your new chapter in Colorado.

Inventory list

While you are packing your home for moving, one thing you must do as you are moving from California to Colorado is to create an inventory list. This is the list of things you are moving. You will need a copy for yourself as well as a copy for your movers. This allows them to transfer your belongings from one state to another. Write the list as you are packing. Remember to label the boxes and to make your list easily readable. You will need it as well. Once the time to unpack comes, this list is going to be your best friend.

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