Top tips for seniors moving from Colorado to Florida

Colorado undoubtedly is one of the states where a lot of retirees move to. Living in Colorado as a senior is great for plenty of different reasons. It is one of the safest states, for starters. And no matter how old you are, safety should be your priority. Colorado is an inexpensive state to live in as well which is why it is perfect for retirees. But it isn’t the only state where living as a senior is a good idea. Florida is as well. Florida is another safe and inexpensive state with lots of beautiful cities as options to move to. This is also a coastal state which is why plenty of people are moving to Florida, to live by the ocean. There are plenty of seniors moving from Colorado to Florida nowadays which is why we have decided to give some senior moving tips as we are professionals for this task. So, if you are planning on moving soon and you are a senior, here is where you will find all the tips you need to know to make your relocation easy to handle.

Make a plan and stick to it

The first thing you must do when moving such long distances is to make a plan. This relocation will be a complex process as moving from one state to another requires plenty of things to be done. Some are easy and others are very easy to forget. This is why you need to have a plan that you will follow.

This plan of yours should be detailed. It should contain all the information regarding the relocation process. So, start with your moving budget first. See how much money you are able to spare for this relocation. One thing to have in mind is that it certainly will not be cheap. There are plenty of expenses you have to cover. And there are plenty of things you need to do. So make sure you include all of those things in your plan. From the moving date, to which moving company you will be hiring, which services, and so on.

Planning in notebook.
Making a plan is necessary. It is helpful for lots of reasons.

Hire a moving company to assist with the relocation

Relocating from one home to another is a physically challenging task. And when you are older, there are plenty of things you are not able to do yourself. Tasks such as carrying boxes, lifting furniture, and so on can be very dangerous for a person with age. This is why hiring professional moving assistance is what you should be doing when senior moving from Colorado to Florida. Even if you were to move down the block, the assistance of professionals would still be necessary in this case.

You just have to make sure to find reliable movers and hire a moving company that you can trust. There are plenty of moving companies out there but not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. This is why it is best to hire movers who are experienced and have done such long-distance relocations before. One of such is Big Man’s Moving Company. They have handled dozens of interstate relocations which certainly makes them trustworthy. And that is just the team of people you need to assist you with this relocation. After all, they will be handling your belongings from Colorado to Florida. You certainly do not want them to be in the hands of people you don’t trust.

Truck on the road.
Movers can be very helpful when seniors moving from Colorado to Florida.

Tips for making a moving budget

Hiring a reliable professional moving company is costly. This is why we have mentioned setting a moving budget. And that is not an easy thing to do which is why we want to give you some tips for that as well. There is a way for you to approximately know just how much your relocation is going to cost. Even if hiring some extra moving services such as packing services. Every reliable moving company offers a free moving estimate that you can get on their website. Some even offer in-person moving estimates which are more precise. This estimate will tell you just how much money you should have on you to cover all the expenses of moving.

But we would always suggest having more just in case some hidden fees appear. This is something you can never know. For example, if you are moving into an apartment building in Florida and some of your furniture is not able to fit into the elevator and the movers end up having to carry it up the stairs, you will have to pay extra for this. But there are ways to organize a low-budget move if you have to.

Spilled coins.
Make sure to set enough money aside for this relocation.

Moving into your new Florida home

Your movers will not only relocate your things all the way from your Colorado home to Florida but will also unload the moving truck and all the belongings into your new Florida home. But unpacking is now the task for you. And unpacking isn’t easy. It is still a physical task and if you have some limitations, this will be hard for you to do. This is why you can also rely on skilled experts to help with unpacking. And if you have some things that need to be taken to a storage unit, local movers are also able to assist. There are plenty of things professionals can help with when seniors moving from Colorado and it is something to take advantage of.

Settling in

Once you have unpacked, you should start settling into your new Florida home and your new surroundings. What we recommend doing is going outside if you are able to do so and getting to know your new neighborhood. Florida has plenty of parks where you could go, take walks, sit by the ocean, lake. It is a beautiful state and falling in love with it will be easy. Most seniors moving from Colorado to Florida have stated not regretting making this transition.

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