Top ways to stage your Denver home for a quick sale

Home staging is becoming an art form. It makes your home look great and desirable. This is one of the factors to help sell your home and get the price you need before moving. Many companies are doing it professionally but you can DIY it to save money. There are many ways to stage your Denver home to make it sell quickly. So, let’s see what the top advice is in this regard.

Basics of home staging – you can do it yourself

The goal of home stain is to make your home look desirable and cozy. You should strive to present it in the best light possible. This is important as it can help make the sale quickly and for a higher price. Experience shows and Amazing Moves and other professionals confirm that staged homes can bring the price up by 5%. They also advise you to do it yourself and save up.

Chair with books on it
Use details to make the house more attractive and proven ways to stage your Denver home.

There is a lot you can do yourself with a fresh coat of paint, some decor, and attention to detail. Here is what you should do:

  • Clean
  • Declutter
  • Fix
  • Depersonalise
  • Pay attention to detail


Doing a detailed cleaning of your home is one of the most basic things you can do. Everything should be spottles from the ground up. As potential buyers will be looking into corners you should invest some time to clean every nook and cranny.


Make the place presentable by cleaning all of the unnecessary clutter. All of the things you don’t need you can move out and put into storage. To help you out you can call local movers to do the packing and provide storage. Your personal items should also go since buyers do not need to see them. Cleaning out the clutter will make the space seem bigger and more practical. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least a third of the space empty for good measure.


You should fix up everything you can. Even small fixes can go a long way. So you should wash the carpets to get rid of stains and odors. Refinish your floors and repair any damage. Every loos door should be tightened and every light fixture and faucet working. Investment in this can add to the value and brighten up the place.


One of the necessary ways to stage your Denver home when selling is to depersonalize your space. Try to get rid of too much of your personal stuff. You are staging to make buyers feel at home and envision themselves living there. Too many personal times like photos, memorabilia, and wardrobe can ruin that image.

A staged living room with large windows
Make sure you let more light in to make everything look livelier

Pay attention to detail

You can increase the value and appeal of your home by staging. So, it is highly advisable to pay attention to detail. This process of staging does not have to be expensive. If you prioritize and are creative, it can be quite affordable. You can stage only the important rooms like the living room master bedroom and the kitchen. You can invest a little in changing some knobs and fixtures to spruce up the place. Let the light in and light up the space to give it a livelier look and feel. So, put in stronger lightbulbs and open the curtains wider to let the natural light in. Rent furniture and swap it with yours or even go minimalistic showing off the space. Add some details to give the place some character.

Home staging – conclusions

Home staging does not have to be expensive or complicated. You can easily do it yourself. You can use multiple ways to stage your Denver home and increase its value and sellability. Just be creative and invest some time and effort.

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