Colorado family’s guide to the best small towns in Tennessee

As a family from Colorado, you need to find an ideal place for your new life. Many states are suitable for Colorado families, but we believe you should relocate to Tennessee. Pro Denver Movers has a guide to the best small towns in Tennessee for Colorado families. In the end, you will have a good idea of where you should relocate with your family. 

Why you should come to Tennessee from Colorado with your family 

Before we get into what towns you should choose for your family, we need to discuss the beauty and possibilities of Tennessee. The state has endless opportunities for jobs, beautiful nature spots, and lively cities. It might be arrogant to try and summarize the whole state, but we will try to show the best of the best of Tennessee. By the end, you will look for a trustworthy moving company to get you there. 

  • First, we can talk about Tennessee without mentioning the music. Tennessee is the birthplace of the blues, on which genres like jazz, rock, and RandB were based. But today, Tennessee is known for country music, most notably Taylor Swift. 
  • Second, if you move to Tennessee, you need to visit the Smoky Mountains. We recommend taking the Appalachian Trail to take in the full beauty of the Smoky Mountains. 
  • Third, Tennessee is affordable. Family is challenging to finance if you are not that financially stable, you should relocate to Tennessee. Tennessee is, on average, 13% less expensive than the national average. 
  • Fourth, homes are very affordable in Tennessee. You can buy a house in Tennessee for 230,00 dollars which is lower than the national average. 
  • Finally, Tennessee has great tax benefits. No state income tax allows you to keep more of your salary. In addition, the state has a low property tax making it an ideal place for buying a family home. 


When you arrive in Tennessee, go on a trail and experience the Smoky Mountains.

There are plenty of benefits, history, and beautiful nature in Tennessee. If you want to have access to it daily, Spyder Moving can help you relocate. You can also explore other moving options – for example, you can even move without any help. 

Bartlett is one of the best small towns in Tennessee

The first pick in our article is Bartlett. The city is in the south of Tennessee and has a population of about 55,000. 

Bartlett is relatively diverse, 73% are Caucasian, and 20% of the population is Black. The city is affordable. Compared to the national average, it is 7% less expensive. The average cost of homes in the city is 276,600 dollars which are lower than the national average. And renting is not that costly rent is between 700 and 1600 dollars depending on the size of the apartment. It is great for families because the crime rates are below average. 

There are plenty of family-friendly activities in Bartlett. But the best place you can take your family to have some fun is to visit Memphis. Memphis is only 15 miles away from Bartlett, and you can reach it in minutes. Besides fun activities, Memphis can offer you and your partner plenty of job opportunities to support your family. 

A sign that says Memphis, learn about the best small towns in Tennessee
Barletta is a great choice for families because there are many opportunities because of its proximity to Memphis.

Check out Somerville 

One of the best small towns in Tennessee is Somerville. Somerville is a definition of a small town. It is the county seat of Fayette County, and it has 3,000 residents. The city is diverse, 54% of people are white and 37% are African American. 

The cost of living in Somerville is below the national average by 5%. The most expensive thing in Somerville is transportation because many people commute to Memphis for their jobs. It will cost you 208,000 dollars on average to buy a home in Somerville. The homes in Somerville are 30,000 less expensive than the average of the state and 90,000 less expensive than the national average. Renting is also really affordable, between 600 and 1300 dollars. 

The main benefit of Somerville is that you will know your neighbors because it only has 3,000 residents. You will meet other families fast, and your children will quickly find friends to play with. If you want to be a part of the tight community, reach out to certified people, local Somerville movers, who will help you move in. 

The best small towns in Tennessee – Brentwood 

The final city on our list is Brentwood, Tennessee. Brentwood is in Williamson County and has around 45,000 residents. The city is the most expensive place in our article. The cost of living in Brentwood is 73% more than the state’s average and 60% more than the national average. The most expensive thing in Brentwood is housing. The median home cost is around 900,000 dollars, while the average in Tennessee is 230,000 dollars. And if you are looking to rent it will cost you between 1100 and 2000 dollars. But even though it is so expensive, Brentwood has a lot of benefits. 

  • First, Brentwood is so expensive because it is close to Nashville, and you will get a lot of benefits by being close to Nashville. 
  • Second, families in Brentwood earn around 150,000 dollars a year.
  • Third, the city has a great school system with three high schools. four middle schools and eight elementary schools. The best schools in the city are Brentwood High School and Ravenwood High School. 
  • Fourth, Brentwood has a great park system – there are ten parks in the city. To name a few – Concord Park, Tower Park, and Crockett Park. 
  • Finally, it is really safe so you will not have to worry about your children. 


a park
Brentwood is one of the best small towns in Tennessee because of the many parks.


Here is the guide to the best small towns in Tennessee that families from Colorado should check out. If you like any of the places on the list, you should relocate there, and to make it more comfortable, contact us for assistance.

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