Leaving Denver, CO for Hilliard, OH: differences to prepare for

Denver is probably the best city in Colorado. People might think you are crazy for wanting to leave Denver, but you are looking for a change. There are many cities in America where you can lead a fulfilling life. We think you should consider Hilliard for your new home. Pro Denver Movers believes you should think about leaving Denver, CO for Hilliard, OH. Do not go into the relocation without any knowledge of Hilliard. We will tell you about the differences you should prepare

You will have fewer activities by leaving Denver, CO for Hilliard, OH

The first thing that will change by moving to Hilliard from Denver, you will have fewer choices for fun. Denver is the most popular city in Colorado, with 715,000 residents. And the people of Denver need to stay entertained. When they finish work and the weekend comes around they need to go out. Since there are so many people in Denver, there are many choices, from parks, restaurants, theaters, and activities in nature. 

silhouette of road signage, leave Denver, CO for Hilliard
You have less choices in Hilliard, but there are plenty of activities.

Hilliard is in Franklin County with only 37,000 residents. A few neighborhoods combined in Denver can have more people than the whole city of Hilliard. You will not only have fewer choices, but you might completely lose access to some activities you had in Denver. For example, trying great craft beers. If you are ready to give away some of your choices, look for top Denver movers to help you relocate to Hilliard. 

But you do not have to worry because Hilliard has entertaining activities to keep their residents entertained. Hilliard has a yearly festival where the whole community comes together. Go to the Fourth of July Festivities with beautiful fireworks. Celebrate the city at Franklin County Fair. And if you want to see some great music and art, there is the Old Hilliardfest Art & Street Fair. If you do not want to miss these yearly events, you should come to Hilliard. To move to Hilliard, get nearby experts to assist you with moving into your new home. 

Move to Hilliard for the community 

We already said that Hilliard is much smaller than Denver. There are negatives of smaller cities, like fewer activities. But there are plenty of benefits to living in a small town. And one of the most significant benefits is the community. 

It is common knowledge that people in larger cities, like Denver, are not as friendly as in small town communities. When you arrive at Hilliard, people will welcome you with smiling, friendly faces. They will go out of their way to talk to you and get to know you when you arrive in your new home. Because of their openness, it will be much easier to meet people. You will be part of city events. If you show interest, you can even help plan them. And because of their friendliness, it will make your transition to Hilliard much more comfortable. 

people holding hands
Because of the community Hilliard will quickly become your home.


Hilliard is safer than Denver 

By leaving Denver, CO for Hilliard, OH you will live in a much safer place. Another bad thing about Denver is the high crime rate. High crime rates are a very regular occurrence in large cities. There are many reasons why there is more crime in larger cities, but we will mention two: 

  • First, because there are more wealthy people in large cities;
  • Second, there are more people in bigger places, and criminals like to take advantage of that. 

Let’s compare the crime numbers between Denver and Hilliard. 

The violent crime rate in Denver is at 30.7, which is higher than the national average of 22.7. But the violent crime rate in Hilliard is only 10.1 lower than the national average. 

The property crime rate in Denver is 50.8, and the national average is 35.4. In Hilliard, the property crime rate is lower than the national average, at 23.8.

Because of the lower crime rate, you can lead a carefree life. You do not have to worry about somebody robbing. Your children can go out and play with their friends without you worrying about them. There are even money-saving benefits, like not having to invest in a security system to keep your home safe. If you would like all the comforts of a safe city come to Hilliard. To make relocation more comfortable, you need someone by your side to assist with packing, transporting, and other moving tasks. Look at Zippy Shell Columbus and see if they can help with your moving needs. 

Your cost of living will go down by leaving Denver, CO for Hilliard, OH

The fourth thing you will need to get used to by moving to Hilliard is having more money in your pocket. Let’s compare the cost of living between Denver and Colorado. 

When it comes to groceries, there is not much of a difference. Health is 5% more expensive in Denver. Utilities are less expensive in Denver by 5%. Transportation is 26% less costly in Hilliard. 

But the biggest difference in cost is in real estate. Real estate in Hilliard is 60% less expensive than in Denver. The median home cost in Hilliard is around 300,000 dollars, while in Denver 535,000 dollars. This means you can get a bigger home in Hilliard, especially if you are planning to start a family. But if you are not ready to become a homeowner just yet, there is always renting, which is also more affordable in Hilliard. Rent in Hilliard hoes between 700 – 1500 dollars and Denver between 1100-2400 dollars. When you are moving to your new home or apartment in Hilliard, remember to label your boxes

person holding 100 dollar bills
By moving to Hilliard, you will have more money to spend on your hobbies.


By leaving Denver, CO for Hilliard, OH there are many things you will have to adjust. Some things are better than in Denver, and some things are worse. But when you arrive in Hilliard, you will get to see all the city can provide you for your new life. 

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