Renter-friendly neighborhoods in Denver 

If you want to relocate to Colorado, there is no better place than Denver. There are great job opportunities, and the average income in the city is around 60,000 dollars. Denver has beautiful green spaces like Washington Park, Cheesman Park, and others. Go to the Denver Art Museum and Red Rock Amphitheater for some cultural events. The city has many beautiful where a family or single people will have a great life. Pro Denver Movers will tell you about the renter-friendly neighborhoods in Denver. 

Renter-friendly neighborhoods in Denver – Hilltop

The first area of Denver to check out is Hilltop in the east of the city, with 10,000 residents. Hilltop is a newly developed neighborhood, and homes are very expensive, so you should definitely rent in the area. But you will be renting a high-quality apartment, so you will know that you are not wasting money. 

stack of dollar bills, learn about Renter-friendly neighborhoods in Denver
Come to Hilltop because the average income is above the national average.

The benefits of the area are a high average income of 70,000 dollars. Safety because there is security to protect. Parks for recreational activities, you can check out Cranmer Park and Crestmoor Park. To get to Denver, you need someone reliable to get you there. Since you are moving to Colorado, find suitable assistance to help you. 

Check out Capitol Hill 

One of the most renter-friendly neighborhoods in Denver is Capitol Hill. There are around 15,000 people in the most densely populated neighborhood in the whole of Colorado. 

Capitol Hill has charming Victoria Houses where you can rent a home. In addition, to the great apartments, Capitol Hill is one of the least costly areas in the center of Denver. 

Besides the affordability, Capitol Hill has a great location from where you can reach all other parts of the city comfortably. And inside the neighborhood, you will not need a car. You can reach all the amenities on foot or by bike. 

a gray bike
Capitol Hill is one of the renter-friendly neighborhoods in Denver because you do not have to spend money on transportation.

For outside recreational activities there are two beautiful parks:

  • Cheesman Park;
  • Civic Center Park. 

You can also get a tour of Molly Brown House Museum, the house of the only survivor of the Titanic. Well-trained guides will teach you about the history of the tragic ship. If you want to learn something about your new home, there is no better place than the History Colorado Center. In the center, you can learn the history of different Colorado communities. Accompanied with beautiful exhibits and interactive elements. Capitol Hill is a great neighborhood for anybody coming to Denver. When you are moving there, look for moving companies with trustworthy traits

Make your choice

There are many renter-friendly neighborhoods in Denver where you can live for reasonable prices. We have given you some areas you should consider, no matter where you choose to live in Denver, ask us for any help.

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