Moving from Denver CO to Shoreline WA with pets – 3 perks you will experience

Moving long-distance with a pet is not an easy task to handle, but it has its pros. When moving from Denver CO to Shoreline WA with pets, you should know if should you do that. And if is it good for your pet and yourself, too.

Perks of moving with a pet

What are the perks of moving with a pet to another state? These are the main 3 advantages of pet relocation.

  1. Your pet is safe with you – there is no place where your cat or a dog is safer than beside you.  Although this relocation is long-distance, if you organize it well, there is no reason to worry.
  2. Sharing fun experiences – you and your furry friend will experience traveling together and playing. There won’t be a happier animal than your pet. Shoreline has a lot of pet-friendly places and dog parks.
  3. Good for pet’s health – if you leave your pet and give it to someone else, it won’t be good for your pet. He/she may be sad or depressed. It is a better option to always have your pet with you, for your mental health as well.

Having a pet close to you after the move helps a lot during the adjustment period. You will never be alone!

Pet-proof your new home

To make your new home in Shoreline, Washington safe, you should pet-proof your new home and make it nice and cozy. Unpack your pet’s items immediately after moving. Such as bed, toy, food, and water.

A girl with a dog.
Don’t leave your pet alone, because it is possible to move long-distance together

Also, consider making your new apartment open and declutter. All the unnecessary items should be away. A storage unit in Shoreline may be a good choice. So, choose an adequate solution when it comes to Shoreline self-storage.

How to organize moving from Denver CO to Shoreline WA with pets?

How to move to another state with a pet? The distance between Denver and Shoreline is 1,315 miles and moving cross country requires good preparation and organization.

Renting a moving container

To move all your items and all your pet’s items safely to a new state, renting a moving container is one of the solutions to choose from. A company PortaBox Storage has different portable containers perfect for long-distance relocations.

Walking a dog after moving from Denver CO to Shoreline WA with pets.
Your pet will enjoy in Shoreline, WA

Contact a vet

Before moving with your pet out of state – it is essential to take your pet to a vet. Check if your pet needs to get some medicines or vaccines, ask a doctor for recommendations on other vets in Shoreline, get advice for moving cross country, and make sure your pet is healthy.

Pack an essential moving box for a pet

If your dog will travel with you, pack snacks and everything to make your pets calm and happy. Also, after arriving at Shoreline, unpack pets’ items first such as bed, water, food, and a favorite toy. Moving from Denver CO to Shoreline WA with pets can be exhausting for humans and animals as well, but an essential moving box can save your sanity.

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