How to make a perfect timeline for Washington DC to Denver relocation

Your Washington DC to Denver relocation will be much easier after you are done reading our little guide. It takes a lot of planning and teamwork to move into a new home successfully. The timing of your actions may be unclear, even if you are aware of the steps you must do. Avoid leaving yourself scurrying at the very last minute to do the smaller activities that can detract from the larger ones, like loading the truck. But you also don’t want to finish everything too soon and be without, say, cable or Internet during your final months in your present place of residence. But there’s so much to do before you relocate that it might be overwhelming to try to figure out what to do and when. That’s why it’s helpful to have a packing and moving checklist that doubles as a moving timeline.

Three months before the actual moving day

Now is a great time to start purging (decluttering) all of your household items. Take several months to sort through your belongings and relocate only the necessities. Gaining a head start will allow you to pack easily and quickly. If you declutter your old Washington DC home you won’t be bringing any junk to your new Denver home. Here is how to do it :

  • first of all, throw away anything that you consider to be junk – get rid of the things that are broken
  • if you have something to donate, now is a good time
  • all the cool things you no longer need you can gift to your friend

Decluttering is such a big part of any relocation. If you have the time that is. People who have to move in a hurry don’t have the luxury to do it and make things easier. Packing is already hard, so why not make it a bit easier?

Packing supplies

Many boxes, rolls of tape, and other packing materials will be required to safely transport your possessions. Get these things together ahead of time so that you can pack quickly and easily when the time arrives. Take care to stock up on the following items:

  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper
  • moving boxes
  • tape

It might be helpful to find some labeling tips as well. You can also download a couple of moving and packing apps. Those are very useful and some of them are free so why not try them on?

A chair wrapped in bubble wrap
Bubble wrap is our favorite packing material. It will keep everything safe and in place.

Moving budget

Moving can be expensive, so it’s best to start saving up for it now so you’re not caught off guard. Take stock of what has to be relocated (you could even make an inventory), how much money you’ll need, and what specific assistance you’ll require (for example, will you need a person to help you pack). So when the time comes to move, having a clear idea of your financial resources and the expenses you must cover will be invaluable.

Six weeks before the relocation

Think about if you’ll be doing everything by yourself, or if you’ll have aid from friends and family. Another option is to hire a moving company to handle the logistics for you. That is the only way to have a stress-free relocation. In case you wish to find extra pair of hands, you can always call local movers to help you out and prepare everything for your upcoming relocation. If you decide to engage professional movers, it’s best to get a head start on your search and schedule their services as soon as possible.

packing for Washington DC to Denver relocation
Movers are the only way to have a stress-free relocation.

One month before your Washington DC to Denver relocation

Get in touch with your utility companies, bank, insurance company, and anyone else who must be aware of your relocation at least a month in advance. Make sure that everyone who has to send you anything knows your new address. Everyone who has ever relocated understands the significance of sturdy cardboard boxes. If you start saving them up approximately a month before you need to move, you’ll have plenty of time to pack them all up. If you’ll need to replace any furnishings in your upcoming relocation, now is the time to start shopping and making plans to have the stuff brought to your new place. Don’t want to bring all of your heavy furniture with you, this may be an option worth considering. Your next step is packing.

Three weeks before your relocation

Now is a good time to start packing. Use the tips you find in moving apps to make packing easier. If you’re moving on your own and need a truck, you should reserve one at least three weeks in advance. In order to save money, it’s a good idea to compare prices from a few different service providers. But if you hire, they will handle the hard part for you.

One week before

It’s not just good manners to clean out your former rental before handing it over to the new tenants; if you’re renting, it can also help you avoid losing your cleaning deposit. Cleanup will be less of a hassle if you’ve already packed almost all of your possessions.

A mop for cleaning after packing
Don’t leave a mess behind.

Moving day

If you’ve hired professional movers, your only responsibility should be to sit back and observe as they handle everything else. Self-moves typically involve nothing more complicated than packing, driving, and unpacking. Aside from that, everything should be fine. Try to sleep well the night before. You will be less hectic. Don’t worry your Washington DC to Denver relocation will be great you just need to prepare yourself.

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