Leaving Baltimore for a new job in Denver: relocation tips

Denver is a great place to do business! So, if you got a job there, consider yourself lucky! But, on the other hand, leaving Baltimore for a new job in Denver is not something you should be excited about. Why? Because relocations are tough! Besides having to say goodbye to your loved ones, selling your home, and preparing for a culture shock, you also have to think about how to relocate properly. And, if you ever relocated before, you know what we are thinking about. However, don’t worry just yet. If you start with your moving organization on time and if you follow our relocation tips, you will be able to move without stress. And, of course, you will be able to move without this relocation taking its toll on your time, energy, and money. So, if this is something you need, keep on reading.

Set Your Moving Date and Budget

First things first  – set your moving date and budget. These two will ‘dictate’ your entire process of leaving Baltimore for a new job in Denver. Start with your moving date. If you are flexible, allow yourself to have one month to organize this relocation. But, if you have to move on short notice because you have to start your new job instantly, at least give yourself a couple of days. Then, think about how much money you can spend on this upcoming relocation. Take all the costs into account (hiring movers, buying moving materials, arranging for a moving truck, etc.). If you have more money to spare, you can always make this relocation easy on you and hire movers. But, if you are on a budget, you have to come up with some DIY and money-saving solutions.

A calculator, money, a pen, and a notebook on a table.
One of the best relocation tips anyone can give you is to set your moving date and budget before anything else.

Find a New Home in Denver

Now that you know when you are moving and how much money you have for the whole process, start looking for your new home. Do this before you move! Otherwise, finding a new home will be not only stressful but also extremely expensive. Thus, start looking for your new Denver home asap! If you have trouble doing so, you can always hire help. Namely, there are plenty of amazing real estate agents in Denver that are just waiting to find you your dream home, so give them a call.

Moreover, speaking of getting help, it might also be a good idea to team up with specialists in Baltimore, that is to team up with moving professionals right here in your city. You will need a professional’s help if you want to have a stress-free relocation. 

Declutter Before Packing

One of the most important relocation tips we can give you is to declutter before packing. We know – getting rid of your precious belongings is not easy. But, do you know what is not easy as well – spending your precious money on relocating the items you don’t need and that you will never need? Thus, do yourself a favor and declutter all of your belongings before you start organizing any type of relocation to Denver or in Denver.

It would be best to go through all the items you possess. Set aside the things you absolutely need. Then, declutter everything else. You can give some of your items to a local charity, or you can give them to your friends or family members. Or if you want to earn some cash, you can always organize a yard sale or sell things online.

A woman surrounded with cardboard boxes.
Before relocation – decluttering is a must.

Hire Professional Movers

Just as previously mentioned, if you have some money to spare, it would be best to spare them on movers. Professional movers such as those from 24/7 Logistics Services, or any others you can find in Baltimore, will do everything moving-related while you do other, more important things. For instance, they will come to your home with their moving truck and their packing materials, they will disassemble your bulky furniture pieces and pack the smaller ones in boxes, and of course, they will ensure everything arrives at your new address in one piece. 

Or, Organize a DIY Kind of a Move

But, we understand that not everyone can afford to have professionals organize their move. If this is your case, do not worry! There are plenty of relocation tips for people who have to organize a DIY kind of move and save some money. For instance, instead of hiring movers to help you with heavy lifting, you can ask your friends (or family members, or even neighbors and colleagues) to help you out. Then, you can find some alternatives to moving boxes and other moving materials.

However, whatever you do, know how to pack. Pack a room at a time to ensure easier unpacking later on. Then, be careful of how you place the items inside the boxes – put heavy things on the bottom and lighter ones on the top. Never overfill the box as it will tear! And, if you have some fragile items you need to pack, wrap them in packing paper (or in a newspaper) and then in plastic wrap before placing them in a box. If you have some empty space in the box, fill it with packing peanuts or with some old towels or kitchen cloths. Finally, tape the box on all its sides and label it. 

Two people carrying a rug.
You can always rely on people around you to help you with your DIY relocation.

Ask about a Relocation Package – One of the Best Relocation Tips

Since you are leaving Baltimore for a new job in Denver, you should use this opportunity to ask your new employer whether he/she will offer you some kind of a relocation package. This relocation package is used by companies to help their new employees relocate. Sometimes, the package includes moving help or some money to help you move, and sometimes it offers plane tickets or helps with finding accommodation. So, be sure to ask about this – it is one of the best relocation tips anyone can give you.

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