4 ways to involve your kids in the moving process

Moving is a complex process that influences every member of the family. During the move, you have to balance the moving process itself with your job, kids, and everyday activities. While this can be hard there is something that you can do to keep your kids busy, help them prepare for this transition, and also get some help for the move. Get the kids involved. There are 4 ways to involve your kids in the moving process. All of them can first help you out through this complex activity. And help your kids prepare for the move while keeping them busy and entertained.

How to involve kids

Moving to a new home can be stressful for the entire family, particularly the kids. To get them occupied and prepare them for this transition it is wise to involve them in certain aspects of the move. Before you even call Elite Movers Denver to start loading the truck, you can involve your kids in the house-hunting process. Having them voice their opinions and needs about the new place will help them accept this transition easily. However, to keep them busy and satisfied use some of the ways to involve your kids in the moving process itself. Here is how.

  • Decluttering
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Labeling and decorating boxes
  • Cleaning up


We all accumulate too much stuff over time that we don’t use. This directly opposes the need to bring less when moving. Decluttering is a must before moving; your children can contribute to this activity. This will also solve your biggest problem: the overflow of toys you should not bring with you. So, you can instruct your kids to clear out unnecessary things and donate them. This will keep them busy and help you with the packing and moving day.

Little grl looking at wardrobe and decluttering as one of the ways to involve your kids in the moving process
Get your children to declutter their belongings

Packing and unpacking

Once they have decluttered, you can get your kids involved in packing their stuff. Explain the basic packing principles and give them the necessary supplies and boxes. Once you move, they can handle the unpacking themselves. Make them unpack books and clothes directly to their new place in your new home. This will help them feel more at home and ease their transition. In addition, your kids can help bring other things and unpack them to help out.

Labeling and decorating boxes

Keeping the kids busy and out of the way is easy regarding labeling. Having kids label the boxes is easy and straightforward and can keep them occupied. Besides labeling, they can even draw the content on top of boxes. This can make your managing and unpacking easier.


One more thing to let your children do during the move is clean up. You can easily assign cleaning tasks to all your children. Older children can take on heavier cleaning duties, while younger children can sweep and wipe down surfaces. This will help you leave a clean and tidy house once you leave.

Little girl and parents decorating boxes
Allow your kids to label and decorate your moving boxes

In short

Keeping your kids busy during the move makes the whole process easier. However, they can really provide some assistance and help you out. You can easily make up creative ways to involve your kids in the moving process that can be truly helpful during the move.

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